Ideas for incorporating Twitch into Patreon rewards

I’m an illustrator and zbrush sculptor.

I want to start streaming weekly - Monster Mondays.

I’ve only streamed to twitch about 3x but I think there might be some cool ways to make twitch-based rewards.

However, I really new to twitch so I could really use some help brainstorming.

What do yuo think?


I’m going to be doing streaming too but i’m going to use the connection patreon has with youtube instead to do it. I’ve got a twitch channel but never used it - and would worry that if i do free streaming over there then my patrons would be a bit miffed since they will be paying for it to happen once a month!

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Ooo this is so exciting, thanks for asking this question @sarahdahlinger. I think there is definitely cool things that can be done using Twitch and Patreon, here are some thoughts I have.

  1. I’d read this basic guide for artists on Twitch
  2. Take a look at what others are doing, here’s an article that looks at 11 top artists who use twitch
  3. The immediate rewards that come to mind for me range from simply being able to watch you work as a relaxing, creative stream, to a full scale Bob Ross class where people draw together! maybe they could download a worksheet and then you have a 2 hour class where you all complete it together and focus on specific things.

Tagging in @Lettershoppe @apuig and @laurab who might have some good ideas here too :slight_smile:

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Ooohh! This is one of my favorite topics. I’m loving that @mindy referenced an article by SarahBurns who is zLadyLuthien on Twitch. As a long time Twitch partner myself, I can say I’ve seen creative streamers integrate patreon rewards in interesting ways.

I think the best way to think about it is to start with the question: ‘What is my programming on Twitch?’

Whatever the primary type of content you plan to stream, you can come up with exclusive perks for people that relate very deeply to that content.

  • zLadyLuthien does a monthly paint-along with her patrons that gets people really engaged.
  • If you do digital art you can share the raw PSDs of pieces you paint on stream.
  • You can give patrons right of first refusal for any pieces you make during a special “patron art” stream
  • You can let patrons vote on polls to determine what your next stream topic will be
  • Some Twitch bots give you roles that you can assign to chatters, you can create a special role for your patrons at different tiers that gives them other perks (the ability to request songs, double rewards points, the ability to post links without being purged)
  • You can have a special community day once a month that patrons can come to stream on
  • You can offer critiques on stream to patrons

The possibilities are endless! If you need someone to brainstorm with, I would be more than happy to help anytime.


Wowza! thanks for sharing all these incredible ideas @stevieraedrawn! @sarahdahlinger did you get a chance to read all these awesome inspirations for your Twitch?

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