Ideas for recognizing Patrons in my newsletter

Just listened to Jack’s video on Patron growth:

In the recognition category, I’d love to mention Patrons more often in my newsletter.

When I did it before I’d do a listing of new Patrons. I could start doing that again, but I’m wondering if there are cooler ideas that hopefully don’t take a lot of time.

I use ActiveCampaign to send out my newsletters. I don’t think there’s a real-time Patron updater for that like there is for Adobe.


Hi johnnfour! Anna from the Creator Success team here. I’m an RPG player myself, so I tried to come up with a couple of cool ways you could recognize folks. Have you ever thought of

  • building a character sheet complete with stats named for your most engaged patron?
  • designing a side quest named for your most engaged patrons?
  • running a mini RPG via comments on patron-only posts for your highest tier patrons?
  • hilighting the funniest/coolest patron-submitted DnD moments from their own games and crediting the patron who contributed the best anecdote?

^Those are what I’ve got off of the top of my head! Hope this helps :smiley:


These are cool ideas. Thanks very much, Anna!


Awesome idea!

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