Ideas to improve our presentation/profile page

It’s the first impact a person gets when follows the link of our patreon address.

For us, who are familiar with patreon, is super clear! But we do want it to be clear to everyone who gets there.

So, what are your thoughts, struggles and ideas on this?

Creative greetings to all!

Ok, so here’s my main issue:

For most of the people I know - who get there for the 1st time- it isn’t clear at all.
People who don’t know what patreon is- and I’ve been experience that a lot, because patreon is practically unknown to portuguese creators and fans - my experience tells me that it’s quite confusing.

I believe that happens because when people get there, they feel they are already inside the page - but they are!, but they’re not!, but they’re half there, etc.

Here’s my suggestion for a solution: we could have the choice (because there could be creators who don’t like this idea) of having a “front porch” page.
It could be very similar to what it already is: all the design + intro text + intro video but without all the scrolled down posts. Instead, a big button with something like:
click here to see how is gonna look like when you became his/her patron” .
Then, when clicking there, one would have access to all the scroll down page as it is (with blurry post and public, and etc.).

Concluding: it would be much more clean, clear and, besides all that, I believe it would trigger the will of get inside the page and become a patron of that creator. For me, it would be sooooooo great to have that possibilty!

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I really like the idea of what you call a “front porch” page @DiogoTomas. Something similar to a Welcome Mat you’d find on a blog. This could absolutely be an optional item, but I think would be really helpful.

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Precisely, @jody! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels the need to have that option. For me, it would definitely be helpful!