Ideas to improve Patreon's search engine

It’s definetely an important resource to everyone and the most powerful communication tool inside the platform. There are people who get there for the 1st time willing to find new creators, new projects, to be inspired and, perhaps, become their patron.

So, ideas, thoughts and all are very welcome here =)

To be able to search by “country” . For me, it has been quite difficult to find other portuguese creators on patreon, to start a conversation, discuss ideas, to come up with an “evil plan to conquer the world” and inspire more portuguese creators to be happy on patreon. (I had to search for portuguese words or names to find some - and, even so, it’s hard because portuguese happens to be spoken in many countries - like Brazil, for instance.

Or, besides that, I might feel curious to find musicians in Zimbabwe or Filmakers in France, i dunno - it opens our perspectives onto the world.

Agree it would be so lovely to be able to sort by country, and also by content too. I live on a tiny island, and discovered by chance the other guys have Patreon channels, but we had no idea each other existed here.

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It be nice to find local creative with in your very own community by just searching local zip code. Help your fellow artist :smiley:


Yes @Sarah and @o3oradeo3o, or like those websites where you can search by distance, like “how many miles from…”

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To be able to search by number of followers and number of patrons, by level of income, and by how long a creator is on patreon (or launched his/her page) would be great too.

It would be nice when doing a category search to have the most recently updated public posts come up. As a creator, I like to study what other creators are having success with to better my own Patreon. As a patron, I like to see which creators are actively using their Patreon to help decide what to support. I’ve not gotten rewards from two different creators, I’ve supported others who never updated for the duration of my support, and I follow many who have apparently abandoned their Patreon. It would push those who are actively working to the top so as to make it easier for potential patrons to find them, while putting those who aren’t dedicated to the process out of the way.


Let people opt-in to searching for adult content :wink:

I understand why NSFW creators are hidden from the search, but if folks could click a box that says “Yes, I am a grown up and I do wanna see those sweet, sweet adult projects” that would be great!

I’ve heard from people who said they were looking for my Patreon page and couldn’t find me on there (And I’ve heard of this happening with at least one other NSFW cosplayer, too!) and they chalked it up to a bug. Maybe you guys could have some notice that shows up when people search for a NSFW creator/project that says “This creator/project/name is associated with an adult account. To see adult accounts, go check that little box that confirms you’re over 18 and looking for adult content.” just so people aren’t left scratching their heads when they try to look up someone they’ve been told IS on the site.


Erika preach on! Some of us who who make adult projects would appreciate not being hidden. Feature page for adult content would fix that.

Adult content is definitely a tricky one that I’m personally struggling with at the moment, and I guess is an issue when you have a wide range of creative projects. Perhaps there is an option to have two Patreon platforms, one specifically for adult content, the other for general creator content?

The reason I’m struggling is that my main audience are teachers (and teens), who mainly use Twitter (school accounts too!!) and aren’t familiar with Patreon and what it is. So when they type in Patreon to the Twitter search box, they are often inundated with video clips of people masturbating, and that is their only experience of Patreon and think its a dodgy platform, so won’t look for my page, especially if they are working from a school computer or during their break time. They also then get suggestions from Twitter on which porn sites to follow:)

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Totally! This idea is something we’ve chewed on for awhile here and I know there is a lot of support for it from the Patreon team. The main roadblock we’ve been hitting is Paypal’s restrictions on adult-content.

We’ve been pushing for more access to adult content for awhile and will continue to fight for our creators on this.

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Ok would it be simple to just make two versions of Patreon.

Like the X - Rated Back Door that only 18+ can have access to by accepting sign/agreement.

Which would unlock whole other side of patreon that would normally be block to new users / general public
but now that you prove you do not mind seeing the “adult content” because you agree to it.
You unlock the R -rated side of patreon.

Would that make sense?

haha No, I don’t think it would be easy to make two versions of Patreon. But we do like challenges! :blush:

Sorry I just had to ask :grin: Just brain storming but I can’t think anything outside of the box at the moment.

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Don’t be sorry! I love bold ideas. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile: