If Patreon had an online education portal for creators

Exciting news: We’re in the early stages of creating a place to help creators build, launch and grow on Patreon and would love your help!

What would you name this portal and what sort of resources would be (or would have been) most helpful to you as you build/launch/grow on Patreon?

Feel free to answer one or both of these questions! Any insight is so very appreciated. :blush:

Happy Tuesday!


I’m terrible with naming things and it’s super cheesy, but I’ll throw Patreo-cation into the hat. >.>

As for resources, I’m interested specifically in the visual arts (both fine art and illustration in traditional medium rather than digital), so I’m always looking for advice or tips related to these fields.

Thanks so much for your input, @bronwen! Super appreciate it.

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For me it would be useful to have more social media features like sharing other accounts posts and taging/mentioning my friends and having some kind of in-game coin from ads. So even the fans who don’t have much money or the possibility to use Paypal can still support their favorite artists. I see this model in Tapastic and Tsu had it, so I made more money there than Patreon, because these features encourage relationships and build them strongly.


Has anything happened with this int he past year?

Hmm, @carla ?

There is a site (https://learn.patreon.com/) that houses a lot of information, but we’re realizing that now we’re asking creators to hit multiple places: blog, websites, knowledge base, community, and then pay attention to things we share via email and across social media.

In 2018 we’ll be really beefing up education to help creators use Patreon better. A couple things we’ll be doing: improving the blog content, so if you have specific questions you would like to see case studies on, or have specific tips you’d like to hear, share them here and I’ll make certain they get added to our list.

We’re also going to be holding more events (just here in the US to start) focused on not just showing/telling you all about various features, but also enabling conversations among creators. We know you’re smarter at running you’re own businesses than we are and that you can learn more from each other.

We’re also investing in more ways to teach you about the features/tools we’re building, so stay tuned on that front. We’ll probably be using everything from email to live video to talk about these things.

So yes, we’re working on this, and other things to help you run your business as a creator better AND help you connect with other creators more.