IFTTT integration


Would be great to have Patreon integration with IFTTT, it’s a popular automation service like Zapier, but pretty much better, simple and free! It seems to me that Zapier is too expensive.

I’d like to know if there are any plans of a future integration with this great service.


Lolo Barros


This has been suggested a few times for sure, though i’ve yet to see any info on IF it’s actually happening. I would also like to know this.


In the blog post Patreon actively promote, where the user had Wordpress / Patreon plug in, she mentions using IFTTT to ensure her Patrons don’t miss the post. It doesn’t explain how she uses it though. I’d like an IFTTT that notifys Patrons when I post on Wordpress.

Agreed! I use IFTT for most of my social media reposting. It makes things so much simpler.