I'm drawing comics covering creator-related law and I want your topic suggestions!

Hi everyone!

Some of you know me from the Discord as a moderator Steve (Lawyerd, AStageReborn) / Wanderer#0001 and if you’ve already seen my post there, you can reply here too so it’s easy for me to find your suggestions. Here’s the gist of what I’m doing:

I created Lawyer’d due to popular demand from my friends who don’t have the ability or means to sit down and digest walls of text containing black letter fine print the way law school and becoming a lawyer contorted my brain to be able to do. So, following the footsteps of “The Illustrated Guide to Law” with more of a “Webtoon” friendly style versus text-heavy historic format, I’m creating comics that help creators understand some of the “mechanisms” of the law. There’s so many topics I could cover, I decided to begin I would seek suggestions from the Patreon community on what topics they’d like seen hypotheticals drawn out.

  • What I Can’t Do. No actual 1:1 legal advice. These are infotainment educational comics, so I can’t honor requests that are like, “my art got stolen by So-And-So could you show me a comic on how I should file a DMCA takedown?”

The reason for this is that every situation is different, every location has different laws and there’s ethics rules attorneys have to follow about giving advice and establishing an attorney-client relationship. So please only suggest broad topics like you find from searching Google. Think of these comics as a more simple visual aid for those who have difficulty digesting the giant multi-page blog posts about topics in the law.

  • What I Can Do. I can give you hypotheticals to help explain the law visually rather than reading a wall of text. For example, I can make a comic showing my character filing his own DMCA take-down to use a comic to show a visual breakdown of the DMCA takedown process based on Section 512.

My characters will live through fictional hypothetical situations to help give you an example of the law in motion; however, what they say and do should never be taken as legal advice or a response advising you on how to go about something or the results it’ll get!

Please post below with what issues you’d like to see these fictional characters go through or explain. Here are some suggestions already on the list. A lot of them are creator-driven!

  • What is a copyright versus a trademark?
  • What are some mediums for combating art theft?
  • What ways can performers handle music use rights?
  • When are characters from books, film and TV protected?
  • How YouTube claims are different than a straight-up DMCA takedown.
  • LLC basics, things you may know, things you may not know.
  • An episode where a character gets arrested and charged for a DUI even though they blow far below the statutory minimum for a DUI.
  • An episode where a character gets arrested for seemingly no reason while participating in a peaceful protest. (This might be a more complex episode since there’s actually a LOT of what-ifs that can happen in these situations.)

Other Info. If you want to be an early supporter too (where I’ll be releasing these extra early and holding monthly Zoom chats with folks to discuss the characters, the comics and potential future topics) you can go to the Lawyer’d patreon and keep an eye on things or ask me questions about myself, the project, what I do with the proceeds and so on. My hope is that this Patreon will ultimately help offset my small law practice overhead meaning a ton more time I can put into serving my community pro bono. I’m hoping to ramp things up starting July and will try to get some public previews posted soon to check out. My hope is to eventually just rely on the monthly Zoom meeting with supporters to pick out new topics based on demand and current events, but I thought it’d be best to reach out to the Patreon community broadly to start with.

Anyway, please go ahead and list it out for me below, what topics would you like to see? Thanks!


Using actual people as the models for characters. Notifying them beforehand, receiving permissions (most people are delighted to be comic book characters - and everybody is on Twitter, usually under their name name).

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sounds like a great idea. Copyright issues are all over the place now.
Personally, the only topics I can think of now, are Youtube’s infamous copyright problems (the apparent huge bias that favors claims instead of creators), and on a more specific note, the issue with some apparently Fake Nintendo DMCA claims that have affected several fanart illustrators.
anyway, good luck with the project!

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That’s a great idea! I’m an IP attorney so I’m very familiar with reaching out to folks and establishing the proper permissions for this, so it’s very doable.

If the project picks up in popularity, I plan to start hosting episodes on Webtoon as well. Wouldn’t it be neat to see some Webtoon artists’ characters go through some legal hoops in the Lawyer’d universe? Or any artist or characters, really! :slight_smile:

I did do a small review paper for a cyberlaw course back in law school revolving specifically around some of the problems YouTube has created – which did cover the fake and fake-ish DMCA claims. I have a sketch in progress for this episode so look forward to it!

Thanks for the good luck! :slight_smile:

Sign me up for that! I’m a legal Hag. I wouldn’t presume to play Barracks Lawyer, but I love to watch the wheels of the Law grind exceedingly fine.

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