I'm not a "USA Person" but I'm not a "non-USA Person" either?

I’m a UK citizen, who is also a US citizen by birth and nothing else. No US address, residency, employment, income, bank accounts, tax filings, etc.
My US citizenship makes me think maybe I should use the W9 form instead of the W-8BEN form, but if I say I’m a “US Person” to get that form then I lose the “Global Direct Deposit via Payoneer” payment option, which is the one I need to use since I’ve got a UK bank account.
Anyone in a similar situation? Any ideas about who to talk to? Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

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I’d maybe try emailing support. They’d be able to help directly.

You could also try asking @carla, see if she knows at all.

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Yep, your best bet is support - they can look at your individual situation and also loop in anyone else internally that may be needed to help you on this. The team gets a little busy the first two days of the month, but after that they should be able to get back to you relatively quickly.