Image compression

Can someone explain when images get compressed? Or what size my images need to be to avoid compression?

On desktop:
Recently (maybe in the last month or so?) I’ve noticed that when I made an image post, the first image (above the title) got compressed and looked blurred and ugly, so I started posting my images inline instead. The inline images seem to be ok. To confirm this, I just made a draft image post using the same image twice: one as the featured image and the other inline. The inline image looked nice a sharp.

On mobile:
This is reversed! Inline images are blurry and compressed. I just found out that a comic I posted recently was partially illegible on mobile because it was so highly compressed.

This was never an issue up until recently.

Included some screenshots from mobile. The first one is the featured image, then the inline image (both are same file)


Hey @Maarika, thanks so much for reporting this bug.This one’s on us! If the compression is different on different platforms, that means we’re treating those images differently. I’ve made a bug report for the team to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted as I learn anymore about this.