Image post gallery/carousel inconsistencies?

After uploading a set of 44 images I noticed that most of the pics uploaded didn’t show up in the gallery/carousel section of the post. I could still reach those pics by clicking right and left arrows in the image popup overlay, but otherwise there was no indication that the pics are there. I asked my patrons to check the post, and that’s what I got from them:

First screenshot is mine with about 30 pics missing, the second one is from one patron with even more missing, and the third one is from another patron with all the pics there and a scroll bar (?) on the bottom of the carousel.

What is the expected behaviour for the image posts? Do I need to revert to posting all the pictures in the post body so my patrons can actually see that the whole set is there?


I reduced the number of pictures that I post from a shoot. I thought the problem had gone away, deeply appreciate you checking this out. The last screen shot is very disturbing.

Hey @Zanith thanks for making this post. This kind of thing would be best sent straight to the support team as they’ll be able to look into specifics with your account and are the experts in Patreon the product. You can write to them here and they’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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