Images In Overview Description Area (Feature Request?)

It seems counterintuitive that Patreon creators and influencers can post images (even animated gifs) in many places on their pages except one.

Is there a current reason that the description area on the Overview page still requires external image hosting? I’m sure there must have been earlier in Patreon’s evolution, but I’m doubtful that reason still exists.

I would like to submit that unless the point of that design choice is still valid, Patreon-hosted images should be allowed in the description. It’s not a big feature, just one that got left behind.


Yeah I would be interested to hear this too.

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Hi @Th_Mole and @artbyemilyhare, thank you so much for the feature request and interest in this. Apologies for missing this earlier! I did bring it up in our biweekly product feedback and request meeting and noted how many creators would like this feature. There is no specific current reason for why this feature does not exist yet. Every quarter and month the product team reviews all the things we need and wants to build and prioritizes what to work on based on level of urgency and need with the resources we have at the time. I don’t envy them having to make such difficult decisions! We keep track of feature requests and I will continue to add to the ticket as more and more people request this feature.


I am also interested in this feature. At the moment I have problems hosting the images somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,

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