Important fix: allow Patrons to Opt-out of auto-joining discord servers

Hi Patreon staff!

I have a patron who keeps having to leave my discord server cause Patreon keeps auto-joining her every month.
On the one hand I do want to give my patrons special discord roles, but I also respect that some of them don’t want to be part of the discord and shouldn’t be forced by the bot to join every month. I don’t want to inconvenience my patrons so much. I’d appreciate a fix for this!

Thank you!


I’d like to revive this topic, because every month I get a slew of patrons forced to reconnect and then they have to leave again. And I, too, would like to pick and choose which discord benefits I receive for the creators I back. Making this opt-out would be so, so helpful.


Agreed whole heartedly. I’ve tried to leave some discords just to simplify things for myself but come the 1st of the month, I’m automatically added. The only way to prevent it is to disconnect your discord which can affect other servers you wish to remain a part of or ask the creator to block you on discord so you cant join the server. This is really sad and annoying to have to deal with on both sides.


Also voicing agreement. It’s also awkward being welcomed into a server you didn’t want to take part in, with the creator thinking you’re a new member, and you just leaving the server. @_@

Twitch allows for optional opt-ins with subscribers, so it’s definitely possible.


okay I get that you, as I assume is the reason for this, don’t want to run the bot full-time and therefore you can’t listen to assign roles the instant someone joins, but this is API/Oauth abuse in my book. What’s to stop someone from thinking they should report this to Discord’s trust & safety team? I almost did before I realized why it was done this way, and I still think it’s stupid the way it was done.
edit: besides, why can’t you wait for users to join the server on their own, and then when your bot does its batch job, check who’s in the server? isn’t there a way to get the full user list? Or at least check if so-and-so is a member?

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Does banning the person help?