Important News: this forum is being retired (November 2021)

We have important news to share: this is the last thread that will be posted in this forum .

In 24 hours, the ability to create new posts here will be restricted and this forum will become read-only. The forum will go fully offline at the end of the year, so please take the next couple of months to save any info (e.g., private messages) that you’d like to hold onto.

The decision to sunset this forum was not an easy one to make, but we’re certain it’s the right next step for Patreon’s creator community.

Please read on to:

  • know where to go next
  • learn more about why and how the decision to retire this forum was made

If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please head over to the #ask-patreon channel on Patreon’s Official Creator Community Discord server or send us a note at

Where do I go now?

:loud_sound: Submit a feature request :loud_sound:

Have an idea for a feature for Patreon or our mobile apps? You can now stay within Patreon to tell us all about it.

Follow this link or open the Creator Resources menu in the bottom left corner of any page on Patreon while logged into your creator account.

feature request form

Who is this available to currently?

Right now, to see the Feature Request Form, you’ll need your system/browser language to be set to English and accept cookies for Patreon in order for the pop up to be visible. It can also help to disable any pop-up blockers you may have on Patreon.

Where does the feedback go?

Feedback and feature requests submitted from this form goes directly to our Product team. We review the feedback coming into to this form alongside all of the feedback we get from social media, support tickets, and conversations with creators to identify common themes and areas that we can improve. This is an important step in deciding where we should focus next.

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Why retire this forum?

This Discourse forum was launched in 2016 as a place for Patreon creators to share ideas, discuss challenges, and connect with other creators.

Today, the forum is used primarily by creators for sharing Patreon product feedback and feature requests.

There’s a mismatch between the way this forum is currently used and what we’ve learned Patreon creators want our community spaces and programs to offer.

We know that, overall, Patreon creators want our community spaces and programs to focus on personal connection, collaboration opportunities, and peer learning. We also know that creators want separate, dedicated channels for product feedback and customer support. These insights might sound familiar to you if you’ve already seen the summary of our Community & Education team’s creator survey from earlier this year (if you haven’t, we invite you to!).

We’re focused on achieving the outcomes we’ve heard creators want, which includes supporting company-wide efforts to share updates, gather feedback, and respond to your ideas and concerns. We’ve already helped launch the Creator Policy Engagement Program and our own team hosts the Patreon Connect series, which offers introductions, conversation, and learning with members of teams across Patreon. That said, this forum hasn’t served you well as a feedback loop for feature requests and product feedback, which has often led to more questions than answers and understandable frustration. You may have noticed members of our Product team responding to dozens of threads in this forum’s Patreon Feedback category over the past few weeks — it was important to us that the Patreon team address your concerns and ideas here, especially before implementing a new, more effective way for creators to suggest features moving forward.

This forum is going away, but your ability to connect with fellow creators and our team is not:

  • We have an active, friendly, helpful Discord server that allows Patreon creators to connect with each other and Patreon staff. (Fun fact: did you know our official Discord for Patreon creators was started by Patreon creators? Since then, we’ve adopted and supercharged it alongside them - many of the original founders are server moderators!)
  • Community programs like A. Club and Patreon Connect do the same.
  • We offer creator-led workshops and resources on our learning hub, Patreon U, that help you succeed on Patreon and as a creator.
  • Our Customer Happiness team offers a robust help center, 1:1 email support, and recently hired a full-time employee dedicated to offering guidance on our social channels and in our Discord.
  • Initiatives like our Creator Policy Engagement Program and the Product team’s brand new suggestion form get your input and requests directly to the teams improving and iterating on Patreon to make it work better for you and your patrons.

We will continue to listen, learn, experiment, and evolve in order to provide the Patreon creator community with value.

I started my personal journey into the Patreon creator community here on the forums, posting as part of a creator team. I first posted here in 2018 to connect with creators who were also going to be at PatreCon. In fact, this community forum inspired me to shoot my shot and reach out to Patreon to join the team, where I am now part of their Community & Education team as Head of Online Community. Patreon creators are an incredible bunch and we’re striving to bring you online spaces that can meet your needs and connect you to one another into the vibrant community that you are.

Thank you, thank you to every single person who has contributed here over the years.