Important update from YouTube for video creators

I wanted to pass on this video from YouTube that describes changes they are making:

If you create content for YouTube, this video is very important to watch as it describes changes to the upload process, all of your existing videos and potentially your monetization. We’ll go through important new requirements for all videos that you should take action on as soon as possible. We’ll provide some background on what’s happening, walk you through a new audience setting in YouTube Studio and how to use it, and then answer some questions you might have about this update.

You’re a bit late to the party.

YouTubers have been freaking out about this for over a month now.
And the only reason they’ve been freaking out is because YT willingly broke the law and denied doing so. Now, instead of them taking responsibility for the way they collect data, the onus is on creators to understand how they collect data.

The problem that has arisen here, is that YT doesn’t want to take responsibility for its own actions and how they generate income.
All one has to do is turn off ads and you’re good. Most creators won’t do that though because it’s so lucrative. This is why all the freaking out is happening - because a lot of the most popular channels are watched by kids.

I’ve seen murmurings that YouTube MAY be planning to remove accounts that they can’t profit off of. Like possibly channels they’ve demonetized (which includes mine) or accounts of those using adblockers. It’s not directly related to this COPPA thing, but to me it’s even more worrisome.

I originally thought I had nothing to worry about since I don’t make videos for kids at all. But some people are thinking the new TOS update says differently.

I’m just so tired of feeling threatened on social media. All I do on YouTube is wear and talk about stuff and sometimes brush my hair. I’m not twerking or even talking about sexual things. And I didn’t mind being de-monetized, but I do mind being shut down.

You have nothing to worry about.
That clause of non-profitability has always been in the YouTube TOS.
All they did was reword it so it’s more understandable to those without a degree in legalese.