Improvements for the Patreon App

Seeing the launch of Lens is Patreons promise to make more out of the Patreon App, I’m here with some improvements the app sorely needs.

  1. Chronological Feed of Creators Posts
    You know, like the one we got on the desktop Patreon page. Clicking on the individual creator to see their newest post is a ridiculous hassle.

  2. Making posts is extremely limited via the app. No scheduling, drafting, access to draft or anything! Either add all the options and features that Desktop Patreon have into the App, or sort out that ridiculous problem that you can’t write posts in Patreon Desktop Mode on Mobile.

Especially number 2 is essential if Patreon want creators to use their app. If anyone else have any other suggestions for app improvements, let’s hear it!


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