Improvements in tier creation are urgently needed

Recently I encountered the problem that I created a new $60 tier and the person who took it does not have access to old post.

I have consulted the support and the only solution that currently exists is to enter post by post and give access to the new tier.

Well, this is absurd for people who have a lot of post. I personally have over 600 and I’m not going to go in 1 by 1 giving permissions to every new tier I make.

When you create a tier you should be able to indicate if they can see old post or directly if the tier is a lot of money, they should be able to see lower priced tier.


I wondered myself about how this works now. And this sounds absolutely ridiculous. Makes now sense that this wasn’t figured out when those changes were introduced.

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Yes I agree that a top tier or high cost tier should be able to see all lower tiers automatically (even though m maybe don’t get notified of lower tier posts perhaps, I know that’s why they were wanting to make us able to do it individually).

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the main problem is creating new tiers, no matter if they are high or low. You have to manually modify all posts to give access. This is not viable. When creating the tier you should be able to give access to wherever you want automatically. Not to mention that top tiers should have access to everything that they pay more for.

Changing each post individually is crazy if you’ve been on patreon for years. Now I find myself with a problem that I didn’t have before.


Yup it is crazy indeed. I have thousands of posts (from over 3 years of being on patreon) that I can’t possibly go back and edit.

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I had the same problem. I also have way too many old posts to manually edit them. This is a major issue. I can’t add new tiers until it is fixed.

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