Improvements to your Earnings Dashboard

Woohoo! Today we’ve upgraded one of our most-used dashboards to be more informative, clearer, and easier to use; your earnings dashboards.

What’s Changed?
We’ve added more columns to the earnings table, and included tooltips that explain what the heck that means, and where you can find more information. The new dashboard also lets you narrow down to a specific timeframe (staring at 3 years worth of data at once felt overwhelming ), and we’ve included insights that will help you, right next to the relevant data.

Here’s the old dashboard (left) next to the new one (right), for comparison (with numbers removed).

We hope you like this, let us know below if you have any comments or questions.


it does look nice… i’m assuming you’re updating the rest of the dash as well? good stuff.

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Love this update!! Much easier to read and understand, and I love being able to adjust the timespan for the earnings bar graph. Thank you!


I love the new options for time frames!

One minor note: on mobile, the extra tips boxes make for quite a bit of scrolling to see the amounts. I don’t really have a suggestion (sorry, I usually try not bring things up without a potential solution), but I wanted to note it. It’s not a huge fuss, but just a note.

Otherwise, I love the additional data and especially the bit about refunds even though I’ve only really done two refunds. I do think the tips are a good idea too because it gives us an immediate potential solution to raise our earnings. Great update!

Thank you so much for this!


Hi, @mindy -

Thanks for this post. I’m still confused about many elements on the dashboard. For example, I have no idea how to reconcile the Earnings page with the Payouts page. As a pay-up-front creator, I know that the payouts include those upfront payments, but I can’t figure out how to break down the numbers from one dashboard page to the next.

Also, as another example, the February 2019 “Earnings before tax” number is higher than the number on my creator page. Why? If it is due to the pay-up-front difference, it would be helpful to have that broken into a separate column.

As a third example, when I look at the Patronage page of the dashboard, the number of patrons for February is higher than the number on the creator page. Additionally, the number of paying patrons for January 2019 is approx. 200 patrons higher than we’ve ever had (!!!).

I am very confused by the dashboard and don’t know how to properly read most of the information. I tried reading the help article, but found it did not address the questions I had specifically. Additionally, the pop-up information bubbles do not provide the answers to my questions.

Thank you so much for all you do here in this community. I hope that the dashboard can continue to improve and become clearer.


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Hi there @truecrimeobsessed, thanks for sharing this and I’m sorry you’re confused. We do currently have some issues we’re fixing with some of our creator dashboards; we recently tweeted this out and put a note on the desktop site.

I’ll let you know once everything has fixed so that you can take another look and see if the numbers are making more sense. In the meantime, your balance on Payout Preferences is up to date and reflects your latest earnings.

Hi, @mindy

I’m still seeing the three specific problems I outlined earlier with the dashboard. Is there someone who can help clarify?