Improving the Patreon Community by Adding Members' Pages

Hello All,

I’m really enjoying the Patreon Community so far…thank you for letting me in!

When I look around the topics and comments left by members, I feel like it isn’t that easy to see their Patreon pages.

I’d like to see them for two reasons:

  1. Out of interest
  2. To place the topics, questions and comments in better context

I’m fully aware that there’s one possibility here — I’m being totally blind/daft and missing something!

If so, let me know. If not, perhaps this might be a good suggestion?

In the meantime, I’m endeavouring to sign off with a link to my Patreon page so that people can look if they want to (see below).

What say you?



You can definitely add information to your profile, but this is good feedback about getting the right context for an answer.

Hey @carla, Thanks for that but I can’t see anywhere in my profile to add my Patreon page. Or am I missing something? Jack

Yes it’s a bit odd that there is no way for us to look up a forum member’s patreon page. It’s one of the many ways in which networking is really overlooked on Patreon.


I agree with you Jack.
For an online community, it sure doesn’t live up to the second word in the name.

Hey @joumana and @Ghool,

I have to say, I reckon the Community’s pretty good. I’ve been really impressed with the mechanisms and I think it just needs a bit of tweaking, that’s all.

When I saw my invitation float in from @carla, I was really chuffed as I didn’t expect this dimension to it at all. It’s a great way to begin to get to know each other and hear about successes, failures and niggles.

I think this Community forum is pretty new too. Am I right? If so, I think they’re doing a great job at getting it underway.

You guys have been here longer than me — I’m a real Patreon newbie! :hatching_chick: — so, you might have had a different experience.

But, I get the impression that Patreon really want to make things better and, although it might take a while, they seem to at least be listening.

Overall, I reckon the Community’s what we make it. If you’ve got some feedback that would make things better for you, I’m sure it’ll make a difference in time.

Shoot me down in flames if I’m wrong…!

Have an excellent weekend,


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As far as i can tell, this forum has been around since July 2016, when their community guidelines, terms of service and Welcome to the Patreon Community! was posted.

This particular forum type is a little limited. It’s a pre-made deal they’ve used. I can’t remember what it’s called but when it came up here before i took a look through the main site for it and it’s very simple and fairly limited from what i could see. I don’t think there is much that can really be done at the moment to make these forums more functional outside of completely re-doing it or using another service, which would likely loose all our content. It works enough imo.

I have hope that Patreon wants to work towards a better future along side the creators and they’ve already started showing this by keeping more in touch about upcoming features and getting our opinions on it, since that was a big issue here. Forums that were never used for its intended purpose: to communicate and get feedback from the creators. (I admit though, they seem to only have a few sparsely active staffers here and i can’t blame them. Carla and others are doing their best i’m sure and a few staffers have come and gone since i’ve been here as well, so with changing staff it’s never easy to just pick up where someone left off.)

We’ve been giving lots of feedback here and sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s been received by staff. A while ago we’d get little to no interaction but recently Carla has really pumped up her game and is doing an great job of trying to make sure we know someone is paying attention, even if it is just liking posts, though she’s been responding a lot more than before so that’s awesome! I’m really thankful that @carla is on the team here :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Temrin…the Community’s a little older than I thought, then. All the same, I’m pretty happy with the Patreon experience so far (both as a Creator and here in the Community).

I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to keep everyone happy and I can’t think of any other way at the moment that I would be strengthening the foundations of my work so rapidly.

Always a work in progress, I guess.

Have a great weekend!


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Yeah, it is incredibly difficult to make features that suit the most people as is, but you’ll never meet everyone needs. I’m happy to see them paying more attention and utilizing all the creators here :slight_smile:

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If you click on some people’s names you’ll find they’ve put their Patreon page in with their info. I put it in my website section when you go to user settings and then profile settings. Some, like Temrin, take it a step further and put all of their links in the about me section. I don’t know why more people don’t utilize their profile to add their Patreon link…


Such a simple tip that I hadn’t even thought of! Thank you, @Lochy…now duly adopted in my own ‘About’ section — have a click on my name to see what I mean.


high fives Looks good! :slight_smile:

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Looks great!

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Thank you, peeps…@carla and @Lochy!

— Jack

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