Include Reward Tier in New Patron Notification Email

Can you please add the reward tier to the new patron notification emails? Right now, it just says the amount they pledged. I shouldn’t have to click through to your site to see if I owe them anything.


This could be useful.

I would also be happy to see the new total number of supporters and the total amount of pledges in that email. It might not be useful, but it is nice to see them growing.

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Just want to bump this as I’ve just received a new pledge email in € instead of $ and couldn’t even guess what tier they were in. Adding tier to you have a new patron email would be significant improvement to my current workflow and seems like something that should be easy to implement.

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Hey @neil, thanks for bumping! I did share this suggestions with the team when you first posted, but I see how this would be even more useful now that we have multiple currencies. I’ll share again and see if it gets any traction.

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