Inconsistency in customer data - make you lose a costume forever

In Relationship Manager, when you clear all the filter, it will show you the history of Customer and if they paid for the content that specific month or not.

But when you download it as CSV for detailed information and open it


The information is all messed up.
Because when you download the CSV of that past month, they don’t took the data that was showed on the web, they took the data of the current month.
So my client who obviously paid for the contents, will be flagged as “declined”. They will be missed in my processes and will never support my page again.
It’s very hard to track every single one of my costumers who meet the same fate like that. Now I know, the costumer data of Patreon can’t be trusted.

You might want to email support or report this on Discord. None of the staff check the forums anymore.

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Yep. It was too difficult for them because, unlike Discord, posts here are threaded and stay easily visible. On Discord, nobody will scroll back for a few days posts to see what’s going on. A perfect way to obfuscate and hide.


That’s honestly the impression they’re giving at this point.


Hey there - @sambeawesome is right :slight_smile: I just checked in with my colleagues and the best approach is for you to send this message and screenshot to our support team. They’ll be on the lookout!

Also! Please post your support ticket ID here after you’ve submitted the ticket so we can be sure to grab it quickly.