Incorrect currency on post "Join now" button

I am in a Euro area. When I’m not logged in and I go to my Patreon homepage, it offers me my Tiers in Euro amounts. (This is correct.)

I have seen two bugs relating to multi-currency display:

Patron-only post “Join now” button
When I go to a Patron-only post, it prompts me to join up - “Unlock this post by becoming a patron”. It also shows the button, but on the button the text is “Join now for $9.50 per month”. The 9.50 is the correct amount, but the currency, USD, is incorrect. It should be Euros. The Tier is USD 10 or EUR 9.50. (Not USD 9.50.)

Tier Description
If I look at the Tiers on the side of the page, it shows everything in USD - both the currency and the amounts. This also applies for public posts.

This is actually two separate bugs:

  1. The text on the “Join now for $9.50” should show the “local” currency. (The amount is correct.)
  2. The currencies and amounts on the Tier descriptions should be in local currency. (Both are incorrect.)