Inktober 2017 - Share your work!

I would really love to see what everyone is up to for Inktober this year. Whether you post them here in this thread or link to places you will be posting your inktober drawings, all is welcome! Let us all share our Inktober journey together! No matter how you are doing it, your skill level, digital or traditional, for the challenge or for fun, all 31 days or only 1, come join us!

Not sure what Inktober is? Check it out at

There is an official list there and you can find lots of other prompt lists around as well! Here are a couple i’ve found,
‘Anthro Art Prompt’ Inktober List
Thornwolf’s Inktober List
But there are many more! You can even create your own!


I’m doing the official list, didn’t realize you can pick from so many. Next year I may just try out different ones.

I’m posting my work on my Instagram account, located here.


Oh yes, lots of people create their own, some people mix and match and some people even combine different prompt sets together :smiley:

Love what you’ve done so far! I look forward to seeing the rest of your Inktober :slight_smile:

My day 1 inktober, “United” image and progress video.
(I don’t usually do mine in order so yes, they will be all over the map)

Featuring my character and my S.O.'s character.


I haven’t been going off of any lists so far. Just using it as an opportunity to try out some inking techniques that are new or different for me. :slight_smile:
I’ve also been posting on my instagram:

If I start running out of ideas I’ll check out those two alternate lists, too!


I’m not using any prompts, but rather using Inktober to get a lot of my sketches to the next phase. The first three I’ve done are remnants of that 100 Day Challenge. I wanted to finish up some of the doily art I started then.

Today I’ll be doing some digital inking for my nsfw Patreon. I’m not able to participate every day so this really works for me to keep making progress. I tend to abandon a lot of sketches so it’s good practice for inking even if the original sketch is weak. I’m trying to take more artwork to completion so I can get practice in on every phase of the process.


Day 2 of my half Marathon (patrons get early access so they don’t get posted right away)
Theme: Fat, featuring my patron, Bozo the micro the Fox!

A continuation of last years Inktober theme “Candy”


Cute continuation of your theme. I would have done the same thing. Heheh!

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I love seeing everyone’s inktobers! I’m kind of doing mine a bit willy-nilly this year to fit my schedule,and not to a list. Mostly I want to practice with my new brush-pen and other traditional mediums.

I’ve done a couple over here:
They’re also being posted more frequently on my Instagram.

I’m doubling mine with OC_tober from time to time to try and get some old designs back up and worthy of drawing more, so it’s been super fun,


This is awesome! Yeah i’m all over the place with mine hehe. Not doing them in order and i have no problem switching out themes for something else if i want. Gotta be fun! :smiley:

Following your patreon and instagram now! :smiley: Your Inktober’s so far look so awesome! I look forward to seeing more!

Is there a hashtag or official prompt list for OC_tober?

I think the easiest way to share my inktober drawings would be to link to the inktober tag on my blog. I’m using the official prompts, but I’ve also had some patreons volunteer their characters which I’ve then implemented into the drawings~


Apparently when i try to fav some of your works, it doesn’t let me fave but directs me back to my dashboard D: (Must be a theme thing. A friend of mine has the same issue and people can only seem to fave from the dashboard and not from the blog itself.) Super cute stuff though!

Just released these from my patron early access today. (Got a little behind with video editing so there’s two different pieces showcased today.)

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