Inktober Example Posts for marketing

Anyone else use Inktober to market their page?

Last year it went very well for me.

My typical post was

“I made this artic horned dragon for a patron, if you’d like a dragon of your own, please sign up at (url)”

Can you think of any others that could work?

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I for sure use inktober to market my page. It’s the biggest month of the year for art on my patreon and patrons above a certain amount get first dibs on slots. It used to be all patrons but last year I had more people than slots so I had to implement restrictions. Though any empty slots will get offered to all other patrons at a discount by Oct 10th.

I’ve changed my banner to reflect the event on all my platforms, advertise before the event and more.

Oh cool!

Can I see - what’s your patreon and social media?

Sure thing! Here are the main places that allow me to update my banners and whatnot and showcase the banner advertizement.

and more.

My advertisement posts look like the following:

I also have posts showcasing last years artwork as examples.


and videos,

I hope that helps you some :slight_smile:

Wonderfully helpful! thanks so much

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No problem :slight_smile: