Insane discrepancy in my Payouts? ($1600 disappeared)

Can someone explain to me how Patreon’s payment system and stats work.

I have been using Patreon for years, but lately there are massive discrepancies between my payment and growth stats and what I actually get paid each month.

My Patreon page has been growing pretty consistently over the past months. WE LOVE IT.

As the Patreon page is growing, the monthly payout has also increased. I am on a “Pay upfront” plan patrons can go for either a monthly or annual pledge. $5 and $15 per month or $57 and $169 per year.

In April we transfered $2,795.64.

April Payout

April Stats

In May we had a lot of people switching to the annual plan so we made a lot more.

May Payout

May Stats

In June things were also pretty good.

June Payout

June Stats

From this month though something weird happened.

If you take a look at the stats in August and September you can see that the Patreon page is still growing. Not as much as before but there is still a pretty positive difference between new patreons and deleted pledges.

The number of new Patrons is always way higher than the number of people cancelling.

However, if you take a look at the payout in August and September you notice that they are pretty much the same. Despite the growth in new Patrons there is only around $100 more in each payout.

I wouldn’t have problem with that if it wasn’t that the stats say something completely different.

August and September have almost the same payout.

Which doesn’t make any sense with the stast I see inside my account

How can August and September payouts (which are the pledges collected in July and August) be almost the same considering that in Agust the difference between the new pledges $2,046.60 and the deleted pledges $625.71 is a +$1618?

If in August we made $5,440.4 and in that month we added an additional $1618 why is September payout only $120 more?

August payout $5,440.04
September payout $5,560.10

I have three Patreon pages and this is the first time I see such a massive discrepancy between the growth of the patreon page and the actual payoyts.

Am I making a mistake calculating the payouts?

Can someone from this community share their opinion. That would be much appreciated.