Inside the Mind of a Patron 🧠

Developing a deeper understanding of your fans is one of the most impactful things a creator can do before launching on Patreon. In this article, we profile Stephen Frandsen to learn more about his motivations behind being a lifelong patron to YouTube channel Level1Tech.

Agreed, but a site-wide survey would be rather more useful than a focus on one fringe individual. I don’t even live on the same planet as this patron. I can tell you right away what’s in the mind of my fans (a word which doesn’t imply being a patron): “We want to support you but can’t understand/deal with Patreon.”


thanks for that feedback! I understand that as every creator and their fans are different, it’s tricky to write blog posts that provide 100% useful info for everyone.

what kind of information would you like to know if we were able to survey side-wide patrons? have your patrons given you any specific feedback about what they currently struggle with on Patreon? I’d love to hear :slight_smile:

Good questions, I need some time to think about it properly, but I’ll get back to you once I have.

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I would love these questions:

  1. Number one reason you join a patreon.
  2. Average number of pledges, average amount you pledge per creator.
  3. Number one reason you leave a patreon.
  4. Expectations from patreon content, versus content off patreon. (i.e. if you tip someone $5 for their blog off patreon, but don’t give them $5 on patreon for the same content, why?)
  5. What things would bring you back to a patreon you left?

I personally interview every single patron who joins my campaign and spend about 15 minutes talking with them. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about their journey to becoming a patron, and what specifically they like about what I’m doing.