Integromat Webhooks will randomly stop working for 24-72 hours at a time

I’ve got a monthly subscription with Integromat and I set up a webhook connection to Patreon from within Integromat. I have three processes running: new pledges, pledge changes, and deleted pledges. When triggered, they basically update a couple of things in a database.

For one, two, sometimes three months at a time everything runs perfectly. Then suddenly the triggers will stop running and it won’t be until 3 days later that I realized the past 10 new supporters just came and went because the webhooks didn’t trigger.

From what I can tell, this is not an issue on Integromat’s end, because when I use the verify button it does a quick check and confirms that the webhooks are correct and return a “success”. The problem is on Patreon’s end, and I really don’t know how to fix it because I don’t have enough knowledge about the process or the time to learn it. That’s why I am relying on Integromat in the first place to handle it for me.

After roughly 3 days, these outages are resolved and new pledges are processed like expected, but in the meantime I lose support and have to apologize and beg supporters to try again.

I would appreciate any insight into this issue and if there is a workaround.

Is this a recent situation (in the past week) or has it been occurring for a few months or so?

It happened from Sept 23-25 but has also happened multiple times in the past 4-5 months. It’s almost always 3-4 days at a time.

Do they work as of this today?

They have been working the past couple of weeks, yes. Just ran into an new issue with currency. I will make a new post.

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And they are currently not working again. Haven’t been working since Oct. 30 with no indication there is a problem. I clicked Verify and all connections get a green checkmark. Tried switching off and on the scenarios. Then I tried pledging with a testing account. Nothing, the API simply doesn’t fire on Patreon’s end.

@CodeBard None of them were working yesterday or today. As I mentioned, I pledged with my test account and it didn’t work. Then a bit later it looks like it did work once, for a single user, but when I tested again a few minutes later, nothing. So I’m not sure if it’s being worked on right now or not.

There was a service issue with Patreon site and the api today, it was swiftly fixed. Can you check the webhooks again? (Trying deleting and recreating may help)

Yes, they are working again. Is there any chance we could receive an email notification when the API is down? In the past when the API has gone down, it is sometimes days later when I discover it’s not working, and in the meantime I have lost new Patreon supporters who remove their pledge due to their promised account activation not working. Sometimes one of them will let me know, and that’s usually the only way I find out the API stopped working.

You can follow Patreon service status and subscribe to alerts from below page:

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Thank you for letting me know about the status page.

I went there just now and it says everything is up, but I had one user subscribe today and another delete his pledge and neither API came through.

The webhook may have been suspended after it failed repeatedly. You may want to check its status and whether it is active, and create a new one and delete the old one if needed.

It started working again on its own. I also wasn’t getting new Patreon Android notifications part of the day yesterday, although I was getting the emails.


the PatreonSupport twitter account redirected me to this sub-forum.

I have been seeing the same issues with Webhooks recently. I host the server with the webhook myself so I can very clearly see in the logs that the hook URL is simply not invoked.

This issue has also caused me to lose Patreons as they never got their welcome email and credentials :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How can we get to the bottom of this? Thanks!

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@Scarlett Chances are high that the webhook functionality was affected by load resulting from the payment processing that happens occasionally on 1st of the month.

@Steve_Meier Are your hooks never working? Or they are spotty?

They almost always work but will randomly stop for a few hours to several days at a time. The last time it happened was the day before payments started processing and was resolved before payments started processing.

@CodeBard They used to be fine, problems have appeared recently.

On November 16th, a new patron joined, but the webhook was never called.
On December 1st, that same patron left, again with the hook not being called.
Also on December 1st, a patron joined and the webhook was called ~3.5 hours later.
Yesterday, on December 2nd, the delay was still 30 minutes between pledge and webhook.
As of this morning, December 3rd, the delay is gone.

Not only have I lost a Patron and spend time manually sending out messages to others,
but I will now also have to manually re-sync my Patron list with my local database.

A delay in the webhook being called is one thing but it not being called at all is unacceptable.

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Webhook not being called may have been the webhook actually not being able to contact your site due to any reason: From connectivity in between hosting infrastructures to security algorithms that are generally active in systems ranging from firewalls to server side mods (like mod_security for apache) - anything may temporarily or permanently prevent a call being made. More info is needed on the patron and the webhook to investigate such situations. But if other webhooks functioned afterwards without taking any action, the case would probably be the call temporarily being blocked somewhere.

The others seem to be due to the payment processing load.

Well, I can’t tell you why it cuts out any other time of the month, especially when I confirm that everything is working 100% on Integromat’s end, but today I’ve been getting 0 API hits even though I’d had a number of new and changed pledges.

Could you suggest how I should respond to patrons when they tell me they have made a pledge but their account isn’t working right? Maybe I need to just put in my FAQ that pledges on the first of the month won’t be honored and they need to wait until the 5th before pledging? I’m not sure what else to do.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but as far as I am concerned, Patreon is technologically bankrupt.

The API being unmaintained was bad enough but now that Webhooks don’t work reliably any more, it just breaks the camels back. Yet still, Patreon happily takes 20% from creators while providing no working platform.

My 2021 resolution is to move to a different platform.

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