International Shipping for Rewards

Thinking about adding some small to medium sized physical rewards and just wondering what are the best options for shipping from the USA?

Things that have worked/not worked?


From my experience shipping in general you really can’t beat prices from the USPS, flat rate specifically. It all depends on the weight and bulk of your item.

Something in an envelope like stickers or buttons under 1 .oz will run you $1.15.


If you are doing something that gets printed through a POD outlet like Createspace or something, it might be cheaper to direct ship from them to the Patron. Since they have international print centers, they print more locally to the Patron and your shipping costs are lower. Nevermind that if I shipped to me first, I’d be paying shipping twice (to me and then to them) and having to provide my own shipping materials (more $$$ people tend to forget).

Thanks Neil! Looking forward to a hot bath and the latest Clarkesworld once I get this editing done.