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Hey everyone! I’m Matija, from Croatia.

People would classify me as visual artist, Im doing contemporary rope art installations, shibari/kinbaku and portrait photography. I’ve started my artistic journey with a camera long time ago in my teens when I was photographing for random gothic brands and models. Few years back I’ve picked up rope and after few classes, upgraded the knowledge with lots of videos, books and gathered info from other fellow riggers, I’ve decided to take that path of art.

Rope is a beautiful medium of energy transfer and storytelling, so my hands are into many projects - from making framed works with ropeart and nature, to wall-installations, garden-installations and such. And, ofc, the most passionate of it - artistic rope shibari, where I give wings to my models and turn them into angels for a day, or make a spiritual performance to another dimension inside of a shibari’d cube and self-suspension…

Overall’ glad to be a part of such creative group of folks at Ppatreon :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :white_heart: :black_heart: :brown_heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart:


hi there! you can call me lynn, but i have multiple names.

while i focus a lot on making music and writing fiction/poetry, i constantly work on as many different mediums as possible. whenever i’m bored, i just start doing something - photography, drawing, painting, videomaking, and some other stuff. guess you could say that i just hate staying idle for too long.

here’s my main badcamp page, and from there you can find links to (some of) my other projects.

looking forward to interacting with people


I’m Egberto Willies, Host of Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, a Pacifica Network station on Thursdays at 3:00 PM Central. I also do the show daily on Facebook Live and BlogTalk Radio every weekday at 3:00 PM. I am an Activist Progressive Journalist that speaks to all sides and bring depth to stories the mainstream media can’t because of their allegiance to the advertisers. I joined Patreon to supplement my 90% dwindled website advertising revenue with the expectation that folks will see the value in supporting being honestly informed and engaged. My show’s website is and I blog at

I hope you pay me a visit and consider promoting me to your patrons a I will do for you as well.

My patreon link is



I’m a journalist and journalism has been paying less than before. I also blog independently on film and do youtube so I was hoping patreon could help cover some of the gaps between what I should be paid based on the importance of my work to society and what the ad rates at the newspapers are paying me.

I wanted to ask some questions about who I should ask for patreon support but I don’t know where on the console it says “start new topic”

Primarily what I wanted to discuss was that it seems unfeasable to ask my entire network because I know some of them are poor, one was a friend I recently reconnected with and I don’t want to make it seem like I connected with her just to ask her for funds, and I’ve already asked favors from some friends such as “can you read and give me an opinion on this” so I’m trying to target richer friends and relatives.

Also, my patreon is at


Hello my name is Elijah Flowers, I am Model​ (art Model Fitness model ) actor, Writer, Yogi​, Meditation instructor, and Amateur Body-Builder

currently writing an intro to meditation book.

My goal is to Uplift, Enlighten, and Inspire my patrons

-Fitness, Meditation, Yoga, Modeling


My patreon link

Hello friends,

My name is Christina and I’m with Rocket Pig Games! We are a family business who creates 3D printable terrain and miniatures for rpg’s and tabletop gaming. We use our profits as a way to fund potbelly pig rescues and sanctuaries. :pig:

Patreon has changed our lives and has saved many lives :heart:



Hi everyone! We’re Clayburn & Randy. We make YouTube videos about Legos and life. A bit new to Patreon. We’ve had it a while and just got our first patron about a month ago. So, thinking we should try to figure this thing out and hopefully bring in a few more patrons.


well i’m new to this, i’m creating yaoi bl comic. whoever does not like it pass by. but it is a genre that I really like, and I would like to share it with those people who like the genre yaoi. in patreon I will upload special chapters of the same comic. I hope you take a look at them.


Hi :smiley:

My name is Ron and I am the creator of the blog Kodi Beginner
I like writing about software and computers.
Great to join this amazing community!


Hello everyone! I’m Ivett and i’m from Europe, Hungary! :slight_smile: It’s nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Welcome Ivett :smiley:


thnk you :slight_smile:
nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

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Hey Orrin, I was scanning new folks in the community forum and caught your message. Welcome to Patreon! It has been a life-changing tool for my own creative freedom in ways I never thought possible. It’s great that you are diving in. I completely get the blocks that come up when thinking about inviting friends, relatives, folks who are close to you to be a part of this… I have done this in SEVERAL ways and it’s worked out really well… and, also, Patreon just isn’t the tool for everyone esp since (currently) it is only monthly. I try to message invitation in group emails to friends and family that help them to understand the WHAT and WHY (simply, not too much text) behind Patreon… sorta what you have already named in this comment. Then, I just invite them “move alongside” my creative freedom. I always say things like “NO pressure” and leave it very open. It’s important to me to have close people in my life feel invited and connected to how I’m organizing my creative work. So, rather than just “selling them” on something… it’s coming up with relational language that leaves all the doors open but invites them to specifically become a Patron. Maybe a step or two further than getting their opinion… making it clear YOU WANT them to be involved but that there is ZERO pressure. Just some thoughts! Good luck!


I’m Jaws.
Nice to meet all of you.

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Hi! I’m Guest 1892, I’m creating a game called Warrior Cats: The Retold Tales. It’s in VERY early testing. Nice to meet you all! Heres my patreon if you want it.

Uh, wanna try again? That link doesn’t go to your specific account. When we try it, it goes to our own accounts.


My name is Nãna, and I’m a writer. I’ve had my Patreon page for a while now (over two years), but I only recently joined the creator’s community. I’m just naturally shy and I had a lot on my plate until now (my life has been a bit overdramatic so far, which is why I rely on my Patreon page to keep me creating while I navigate the chaos that is being an adult coping with PTSD and keeping a roof over my head).
I’m finally able to focus on finding community, and I’m looking forward to getting to know other creators!

I’m not great at starting conversations, I really am shy, but feel free to strike up conversation if you feel like it, I came here first and foremost to connect with people who want to create things for a living!

Here’s my Patreon page if you want to take a look at what I do
Here’s my Instagram (not very active now that I’m spending too much time at home due to the pandemic).

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello, I joined the Discord server yesterday. The mod I talked to was very warm, I felt at home right away. What a great moderator! As someone who uses Patreon to give patrons early access to chapters of the novel I’m translating (from Chinese to English), if any writer or translator out there wants some tips, I’ll be glad to help.

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Hi everybody, I’ Giovanni, I am an Italian rock musician and songwriter (former Italian literature teacher) and Patreon was my survival strategy during the covid-lockdown period. I started studying the platform to grow an idea and I decided to combine my passions (my main side-passions) in one podcast: poetry readings, wine tastings and of course music production.
The title of the podcast is “FUORI DI TESTO”, which means OUT OF TEXT/HEAD (the Italian for HEAD is “testa”, very close to the italian for TEXT: “testo”). My goal is to extract poetry from the pages and give them voice. Every month I chose one of my favorite Italian poets (there are many), I tell stories about his life and writing style and how we meet; I combine style and poetry with one wine of my choice (in the same way we usually do with food); I execute verses (only voice, standard Italian, no regional accent); I pick up at least 4 poetry texts by the same author and make it sound in a mix At least 4 new song each month, this is the challange. It’s working? More than expected but I want it to grow up. Yes, very exclusive content but (this is my very limit, I know), only in Italian. Any suggestion? Thanks for reading, thanks community.

A couple of bands to Google: