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Hi! I’m Guest 1892, I’m creating a game called Warrior Cats: The Retold Tales. It’s in VERY early testing. Nice to meet you all! Heres my patreon if you want it.

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Uh, wanna try again? That link doesn’t go to your specific account. When we try it, it goes to our own accounts.


My name is Nãna, and I’m a writer. I’ve had my Patreon page for a while now (over two years), but I only recently joined the creator’s community. I’m just naturally shy and I had a lot on my plate until now (my life has been a bit overdramatic so far, which is why I rely on my Patreon page to keep me creating while I navigate the chaos that is being an adult coping with PTSD and keeping a roof over my head).
I’m finally able to focus on finding community, and I’m looking forward to getting to know other creators!

I’m not great at starting conversations, I really am shy, but feel free to strike up conversation if you feel like it, I came here first and foremost to connect with people who want to create things for a living!

Here’s my Patreon page if you want to take a look at what I do
Here’s my Instagram (not very active now that I’m spending too much time at home due to the pandemic).

Nice to meet you all!


Hello, I joined the Discord server yesterday. The mod I talked to was very warm, I felt at home right away. What a great moderator! As someone who uses Patreon to give patrons early access to chapters of the novel I’m translating (from Chinese to English), if any writer or translator out there wants some tips, I’ll be glad to help.


Hi everybody, I’ Giovanni, I am an Italian rock musician and songwriter (former Italian literature teacher) and Patreon was my survival strategy during the covid-lockdown period. I started studying the platform to grow an idea and I decided to combine my passions (my main side-passions) in one podcast: poetry readings, wine tastings and of course music production.
The title of the podcast is “FUORI DI TESTO”, which means OUT OF TEXT/HEAD (the Italian for HEAD is “testa”, very close to the italian for TEXT: “testo”). My goal is to extract poetry from the pages and give them voice. Every month I chose one of my favorite Italian poets (there are many), I tell stories about his life and writing style and how we meet; I combine style and poetry with one wine of my choice (in the same way we usually do with food); I execute verses (only voice, standard Italian, no regional accent); I pick up at least 4 poetry texts by the same author and make it sound in a mix At least 4 new song each month, this is the challange. It’s working? More than expected but I want it to grow up. Yes, very exclusive content but (this is my very limit, I know), only in Italian. Any suggestion? Thanks for reading, thanks community.

A couple of bands to Google:


Hello! I am Sundaresvar. I create podcast. I am happy to be here. I am really happy to see many creators like me.:heart:
Listen my podcast - it’s me 7. Available in all platforms.
My podcast is about happiness and motivation. I talk about the topics which other people don’t. So you can listen something new topics in my podcast. I will be talking about the depth in simple topics and the things we take as simple in our life.
So I think I’m going so long. So that’s all about me. Listen and comment guys. Waiting for your suggestions.
The Spotify LINK for my podcast- Spotify
Google podcast- Google podcast

Follow me on instagram let’s become friends- _its_me_o7 Insta

Share my podcast. And please comment how was my episode. Because that makes me really happy and to improve.

It’s me 7 podcast


Hey everyone. I’m Tia Vellani. I’m an artist, scientist and passionate writer of journals, which I plan to start publishing today on my Patreon page. Most of my art relates back to music and takes the form of multimedia installations. I love Patreon – you guys are my adopted creative family.

Check me out at and Ciao for now. :wink:


Hi there! I’m a vocalist / composer/ multi-instrumentalist / dancer / educator, and just discovering this forum and just joined Patreon as a creator in May of 2020. So excited to be here!! Thanks for letting us share our link and our work - I’m thrilled to check out everyone else’s work as well! Amazing community here!



we’re a two-brothers team from Italy involved in storytelling and self-publishing of different media as e-books, movies and videogames all based on original stories and realized with 3d models and animation we build by ourselves!

If you don’t mind to have a look at our work you can find more here
or “jump in” right here

Thank you!


My name is Deborah. I am a mental health advocate, running a channel called BIPOLARLINE.

Patreon, PLEASE explain why your ‘platform’ fees have jumped up so much, that almost HALF my earnings have been taken for the first time last month??

WHY? what is going on? Please explain. This is my only form of income, and I would appreciate some kind of explanation please


Hi! I joined Patreon as a creator yesterday! I’m a fine art student that’s running a webtoon and making lots and lots of digital artwork! I hope to get to know you all super soon



Welcome aboard! And good luck…

Hello everyone, Nice to meet you all. I am just a new member here and wanted to say hello. I am an engineer but my heart beating for music since my childhood. I am looking forward to discover you all! Here is my page ;


Hi All, hope you’re well.

I’m new to patreon and have just setup my page. I’m a Landscape Photographer and Youtuber. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.



Hi! My name is Laura, I joined Patreon last year, but only just found the forum here. Originally, I’m from Ireland, but currently I’m located in the middle of no place, Michigan (or at least that’s what it feels like :laughing:). I’m a jeweller, scifi/fantasy indieauthor, and digital painter. Here’s a sample of what I do :slight_smile: :



Allo patreon fam!

I’ve been on patreon since 2015 (2016?) & it’s changed my life. Over the years I’ve learned a shitload (mainly by making mistakes of course :nerd_face:) & i think i’m finally getting the hang of how to make it work best for my patrons AND moi & have it be authentic n fun. I feel ready to streamline n finesse so i can reach more folksi havent met in real life (so far all my patrons are peeps who i’ve interacted with thru live music tours)

I burned out on touring tho after doing it for long time n hurting my back with all the schlepping n driving. (youngens reading this, turns out the whole stretch & exercise every day thing is for real!) So anyway, at age 39-this-coming-Monday Sept28, I’m LOVIN the stay at home thing cuz i can connect with my peeps all over the place thru zoom concerts, without schlepping a damn thing :heart_eyes_cat:swoon AND i can use nerdy overlays using OBS AND do my own sound AND do it all with no pants on!!

I’m passionate about making music and empowering all people with the tools to use music for their own expression, stress relief & fun. Your Vagus Nerve loves you.
I’m also passionate about community building, dance parties, possibility thinking & collab’d open source solutions to human issues.
I’m also passionate about being multipassionate & find my best buds are usually nerds who are similarly pulled in multiple directions. I also love coaching these types of humans cuz oh my goooodness they’re so under-resourced! Often told all our lives we need to quit flitting about and focus on just one thing. Such terrible advice!
I weave life coaching and music coaching in a way I havent seen other folks doing yet but I’m sure there must be other folks out there. Would love to connect with anyone crossing these streams, as well as anyone curious about cocreating a hybrid of these very parallel realms that’ll work for them. It’s not music therapy, it’s music lessons with life coaching woven in as needed. Or life coaching with music coaching thrown in as needed. And it works like a hot diggety damn & is equally fun n fulfilling for my clients et moi.

one last thing… I have a growing disdain for Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook (anyone else feelin the Yuck?) & am so extra grateful these days to have a patreon page to turn to where I can post and have meaningful interactions that aren’t driven by algorithms ultimately made to increase profit.

Excited to meet more creators n infoshare n lift eachother up up up and awayyyyy!

PS: Hosting weekly Friday 8-9pm pacific “Emma Goldman dance Hour” on zoom , all are welcome hmu at for an invite to the g-cal event
AND hosting a Vote Forward letter writing party n open mic in early october, hmu at same email if ya wanna join :heart: (musicians you’ll be writing GOT letters too, not just performing)

PPS if u want some new music in yer earholes im on spotify bandcamp and patreon too :wink: search madeline tasquin. send me yer links in reply, fellow patreon musicweavers image