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Hi Everyone. My patreon channel is dedicated to my brother Gerry and my sister Kitty who died of stage 4 cancer or of consequences of treatment for stage 4 cancer - and to so many people (like me) living with stage 4 cancer. As I seek treatment, I also seek education, so now I am a certified holistic cancer coach and love to share my research with as many folks who want to learn. You “can” avoid toxicity, and stay healthy. You can discourage cancer cell growth. I hope you are blessed with good health. If you know anyone who can benefit from my research, please share my link. God bless.

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Hey Lovely Creators. My name is Autumn and I make Digital Art Illustrations. Am new to
Patreon , and can’t wait to learn from the Community. :grin:
AutumnArt is creating Digital Illustrations | Patreon.


Hey, please call me Squishy! I draw LGBTQA positive content/webcomics. Some of my content may be adult themed but I do put a disclaimer. Please check out my free content here: Dysfuncti0nal | Tapas
Safe for work webcomics are:

  • To Catch a Human’s Heart:
    A bisexual mermaid born without a gem is abducted by a witch. The witch later tells her when she wakes up some dark secrets about her existence that her mother kept from her.
    -Not Like The Others:
    Random stories about a bi trans guy dating his guy friend.
    The other stuff is NSFW so check it out at your own disclosure. Please be 18 and up to check out what I havn’t mentioned.

Hi guys! We are new on Patreon, we are looking for patrons ready to join thie adventure with us :tada::tada: Join the Beechtowners Irina Vegan and Ethical beauty on Patreon and Discord :purple_heart: Our Team launched its own Podcast on Patreon :heart_eyes: Make friends with the same interest in Vegan beauty and lifestyle, discuss your latest beauty discovery, discount codes and offers ALL IN ONE PLACE! :two_hearts::recycle: Special invitation link :

The Beechtown Irina &Co is creating Vegan and Ethical beauty | Patreon PATREON DISCORD
Twitter @IleniaMak

What are you waiting for? :tada::tada: #sales #discord Let’s built a green and healtier community :recycle:

Hi, I am new to Patreon and creating a simulation game called Splash! A Beach Resort Simulation Game where you can create your ideal beach resort and/or water park and then explore it as a guest!

Please visit my Patreon site for more information and to pledge if you want :wink:: ebonyfanta13 is creating Splash! A Beach Resort Simulation Game | Patreon

I also have a Discord server so you can contribute to the conversation and meet others who are also gaming enthusiasts: Splash! A Beach Resort Simulation Game Community

If you or someone you know are interested, then come join us. I hope to see you soon!

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Hello, I am Ashish Garg
I create Unity and Unreal Game Engines video tutorials in Hindi with a very basic step-by-step approach for beginners who are willing to build their careers in the industry. Our objective to empower those who are not enough comfortable to learn in English.

and also provide online training in Hindi/English.

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Hello, my name is Frank! I’m a creative writer. I like to write urban short stories. I started a Patreon page where I write newsletters about comic and cartoon villains. I’m looking for ways to grow an audience.

hello this is random_digital_art, making video and images of illustrations made by paint only and basic t-shirt designs.
nice to meet you

Hi, I am Jonathan (TogaMan GuitarViols/The Rebel Luthier Lab) and I am best known in the Movie/TV soundtrack industry for my bow/played guitars (guitar formatted violas) heard in tons of sound tracks over the last two decades. If you frequently binge watch Netflix, HBO, Showtime, you have likely heard my creations in action! The hidden ingredient in Game of Thrones and even an onscreen appearance in John Wick 2! In any event, I am a musician, sporadic recording artist, who makes instruments and has demoed said instruments since the early days of YouTube (not in a monetized way, but it has enhanced my business). I am now adding a new channel from scratch (crickets) and a Patreon series called the Rebel Luthier Lab to fund my lab/R&D and bring an audience behind the scenes of instrument and “Life Craft”. In any event, I look forward to meeting fellow Patreon peeps and learn some “Patreon” chops as I am very new at this! I am looking for compelling ways to bring value to my audience and want to make fun, irreverent, exciting, inspiring (not some boring how to instructional thing). After a 20 year adrenaline fueled marathon, I need to mix it up a bit :wink: My main Patreon page The Rebel Luthier Lab is creating video blogs - crafting cinematic bowed string instruments & life | Patreon and my new YT is The Rebel Luthier Lab - YouTube and if curious, my main YT since before Google swallowed it TogaMan GuitarViols - YouTube

Look forward to your thoughts and getting to know some of you! :slight_smile: Jonathan

Здравейте, приятели, :slight_smile:
Ще се зарадвам, ако ви зарадвам. :slight_smile:

Приятно ми е,

Hello,i am Olaniyi. I make Fun kids crafts, Educational Activities, Crafts for Adults & DIY. I am still trying to navigate the Patreon landscape. It is great to join the community.

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to join this community of fellow creators! Do check my page and please do comment if you have any good advice for beginners. Also, any feedback on my art is very, very welcome.

Hi all, I am YURINE (yoo-ree-nay not urine) and I make comics on Webtoon Canvas. Excited to be in this community. :grin:

Hello my name’s Lana Diamond. (She/Her)
I’m a 21 year old full-time Medical student.
Animal supporter, LGBTQIA2S+ advocate and feminist.

I’m aspiring to be a Psychiatrist, as feelings and emotions and how we feel what we feel and how we perceive stimulation has always been incredibly fascinating for me.

I’ve gone through very strong emotions when I was younger, to a moment in time where I just shut down and didn’t allow myself to sense or feel anything, completely void of feelings, where my writings were the only way to voice how I felt.

I soon realized that I could be unapologetically emotional and let my emotions unravel, creating beautiful pieces that people can relate to, and that’s one of my callings.

Every poem is a journey taken from a real situation or a piece of thought or moment, where I would be trapped in time until I let my fingers write, a deep feeling that connects me to a world where my feelings are serene and organized, an organized cluster of emotions.

Join me on my journey and fly with me across what makes us alive and what keeps us human, feelings.

LanasNotebook is creating Poetry, emotional journeys and a dive into my consciousness. | Patreon

Hi, this is Jack, new to Patreon, Glad to know you all