Introduce Yourself!

Hello, I am KJ Sanford and I am a new writer. I just created my patreon page and hope to build an audience while posting chapters of my stories. Any advice for a newbie?

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Hello, fellow writer! Welcome!

First bit of advice would be patience: lots and lots of patience, and don’t stop posting just because you may go for a long time before picking up your first patron. Sometimes, it can be helpful to post both public and patron-only posts to encourage people to become a follower first and then work to convert the followers into patrons (especially if you don’t have a huge following on other social media platforms). If you don’t have any yet, you may want to decide which social media sites you like the most (or dislike the least) and work on building a good following there that you can gently push towards your Patreon. Sometimes creating (or commissioning) artwork that relates to your stories can be another fun extra to offer patrons or including ‘behind the scenes’ posts like sharing research notes from your writing.

Good luck!

Hi I am excited to be here and hope I can help in any area of Minecraft and learn as much as I can.

Howdy! I’m Theriverwaves, a digital artist who’s super new to Patreon and is hoping to find some tips on how to start and get people to support my art and passions. My Patreon is Kae is creating Art | Patreon.

Hi I’m Chris, building a home for Curious Guitarists. Focusing mostly on music theory formatted specifically for guitarists.