Introducing Mindy, Patreon's new Senior Community Manager

Hi folks! I wanted to introduce you to @mindy, our new Senior Community Manager. She’ll be getting to know all of you here in this forum, across the web, and hopefully in some face to face meetups!

We are super excited to welcome her aboard to the team and love that she comes to us from other companies where she’s worked with creators. She is still getting her feet wet (day 2!) but already has ideas on ways to make this forum even better for all of you.

I’ll still be here but you’ll be seeing more of Mindy. Please give her a welcome, Mindy can share more of who she is and what she’s excited to do.


Hey everyone! Thanks @carla for the welcome, I’m so happy to be here and start working with you all. My job is pretty simple; I’m here to work for you, the creators, and make sure your feedback, questions, and needs are heard. As Carla mentioned, I’d love to bring some improvements to the forum (and will be asking for your suggestions on that soon!) and hopefully continue the great work in making this a supportive, collaborative place for you.

You’ll start to see me more on the forum as the days progress! In the meantime, some fast facts about me; I’m British but have lived in San Francisco for 4 years, my favorite drink is a G&T, I recently rescued a cat and named her Marmalade, and I love the ocean.


Hi Mindy! Pleasure to e-meet you! Thanks for taking care of us!


Welcome, Mindy! Looking forward to seeing you around here!


Thanks @michaelharren and @glenn!

Lovely to make your acquaintance, @mindy! Excited to see what this unfolding brings. Congrats on joining the most epic team on earth!


Thanks @natemaingard! No pressure on me at all to live up the most epic team on earth… :smiley:

Welcome Mindy!


Thank you so much Trevor! Happy to be here :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Mindy! I look forward to future conversations. :slight_smile:


Thanks Lochy! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone already.

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Welcome to the jungle @mindy ! :laughing:


Welcome to the party Mindy! :smiley: