Introducing Patreon's new Head of Online Community, Hayley!

Please join me in welcoming Patreon’s new Head of Online Community, @Hayley! :tada:

Hayley was most recently (Patreon creator!) Amanda Palmer’s community/page manager and has also worked for Kickstarter and coached individual creators over the years. Her understanding of and passion for Patreon, creators, and fan communities is deep, and I am so excited about her enthusiasm, proactivity, attention to detail, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

I know Hayley has fresh and smart ideas, as well as a desire to collab with y’all, for evolving our online community spaces so they’re as purposeful, engaging, meaningful, helpful, and super fun as you deserve.

I’ll hand it over to Hayley to tell you more about herself. Show her some love and drop your Qs in the thread!


Thanks for the sweet introduction Danya!

Hello everyone! :wave:
I’ve been an active member of this very community space since its inception, and you may have also seen me popping in on Patreon’s Discord over the last couple months. I’ve also been involved in Patreon’s community events over the years and have presented with the Patreon team members at PatreCon 2018, Patreon Assembly: Brooklyn, SXSW and Hang Time with Jack Conte. I love connecting with other creators and folks who are excited about building and growing their patron and online communities.

I consider myself a professional art enabler and community builder. I’ve been part of online spaces as a poster, moderator and admin recreationally for over 20 years and I have devoted my career over the last decade to helping artists authentically connect to their fans, tend their communities, and succeed on platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter.

I have spent the last 12 years working for Amanda Palmer, and even more years than that being a fan of hers (<3 The Dresden Dolls). In announcing my new role at Patreon, Amanda and I wrote an epic blog post to let her patrons know that I was taking a step back with my work with her to transition into this new journey with all of you. It’s a LONGGGG post but it provides a lot of insight as to who I am, where I come from, and why I do what I do. If you have some time on a rainy afternoon, I’d love it if you checked it out:

I’ll be popping in on this thread to answer any questions you may have about my work with community, my involvement on a successful/large-scale creator team and anything else you may desire to know.

My main goal in this role is to help provide collaboration among creators, and to help connect the Patreon staff to you and your needs. I take my position as a community liaison and advocate quite seriously, it’s such an honor to represent you and your needs and I look forward to chatting with you here and introducing some new projects we have cooking, or will be cooking up in the weeks and months to come as I get settled in!


Welcome Hayley! :wave:

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This is so very cool, congrats Hayley! Wishing you blessings on your new path and giving thanks that you exist!