Introducing: T-shirts for your patrons!

Hello Community! Anna from the Creator Success team here.

We’re excited to announce that T-shirts ARE NOW AVAILABLE! We know many creators have been pumped to include their logo or custom design on a t-shirt to give your patrons something on-brand to share — and now you can with Merch for Membership.

Design my T-shirt

To get started, choose from 10 available colors, upload your design, and then we’ll handle the rest! No more tracking down sizing and shipping addresses — we’ve got that covered.

Have more questions or want expert help? Chat with us !


$90 dollars for a t-shirt

Our shirt club is quarterly and at our $50 level (each month, meaning $150 total) and it is currently a completely self-fulfilled tier. Granted, these shirts are exclusive to the Patreon (small numbers) and we are doing shiny metallic ink on ours, which both increase the cost, but exclusive items are expensive by their nature. Plus, at that tier patrons still get access to all of the other perks that cost less than that!

Shirts cost money to design, make, and ship. Plus people supporting on Patreon generally want to support you to create things. If they wanted a shirt to just buy a shirt, they’d go to your merch store


its a tshirt

gotta tell you, as someone who has been making merch online for almost a decade: t-shirts do not cost even 1/2 of 30 dollars to create, regardless of ink. unless these shirts are cashmere that is an absolutely bonkers amount to expect people to drop. the majority of my patrons are people who give what they can, which is small amounts, and if i went to them with the expectation they would pay $90 dollars down for a tshirt, i would deserve all the foul words they would undoubtedly howl at me.

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and you can’t even ship to places that arent the us, canada or aus

Rather than looking at t-shirts as a $90 reward, try thinking of them as an add-on to a high tier, to make it more attractive to patrons. So, for $30/month, you get some premium content, and if you stay three months, you’ll get a t-shirt. It makes a lot more sense that way.


Hey everyone! We’re really excited about this t-shirt launch and I wanted to share more info for anyone who is interested.

The t-shirt itself costs $17, which is why we recommend you add to any tier that is $30+. After three months, that would mean your patron has given you $90 and gets a t-shirt in the mail automatically with your custom design.

If you have any more questions, @apuig would be happy to give you a free merch consult to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Paging @SLim and @cuisine as you mentioned wanting shirts in another thread :slight_smile:


The link just goes to my own Tiers page? I don’t see any way to get to where I would even make a shirt.

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Hey @faeryangela, to see if you’re eligible for merch head on over to your Edit tiers page and look for the banner, like this:

To use merch for membership there is an 3% additional fee, effective as soon as you sign up. This is an additional 3% added to your base Patreon fee, meaning the Patreon fee on all your earnings is Patreon fee + Merch fee (3%). You can see your total Patreon fee in your account settings. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the merch team via or chat to @apuig if you’d like a merch consult.

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So there’s no way to preview what the possibilities are for the merch before signing up?
Like, how much coverage of the shirt is possible, if images can be printed on the back, etc.
Someone mentioned something about the ink being ‘shiny’ but I’m not sure what was meant by that.


Definitely! These are perfect questions to ask the merch team who would be happy to help (email or chat to @apuig if you’d like a merch consult to see if it’s a good fit for your Patreon. We send proofs of items to creators as well before they ship to patrons to ensure you’re happy with the item.


Thanks for adding this option. Most appreciated. :star_struck:

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