Introducing the "Patreon Product Newsletter"

A brand new email newsletter that highlights Patreon’s product updates, insights, education and more.

Read the first blast, linked below, to learn more about Patreon in global languages, the new income dashboards, and upcoming improvements to the mobile application:
September: Patreon Product Newsletter

This email blast is sent to creators who have opt-ed in to “Product updates and community announcements” in their email settings. To make sure you get the next once, you can review your email settings here:

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Link to the newsletter isn’t working for me . . .

Your link goes to a message that reads:

This email is only viewable in the web viewer when clicking through the original email
To try again, please go back to the email and click “View as Web Page”

Thanks for the heads up. Should work now -

Try again here

Thanks for the note, I see the hyperlink broke, it should work now!