Introduction/Getting Subscribers More Active

Greetings! I’m Suzanne Adair, author of the award-winning Michael Stoddard American Revolution mysteries set in North Carolina. I have four books published in a projected six-book series and hope to have all books of the opus available before America’s 250th anniversary (2026).

I launched my Patreon October 2019 ( to gain a patron base that would provide me with a stable baseline income from which I can budget. All patrons have subscribed at the lowest tier, so that baseline income hasn’t happened yet.

I’m looking for feedback on how to encourage current subscribers to be more active or to level up to a higher tier, and to gain new subscribers. Note #1: my current subscribers don’t leap for special deals and seldom respond to my posts. Note #2: I link to my Patreon on Facebook, Twitter, my web site, and at the bottom of all blog posts.