Hi Mara! Welcome :slight_smile: Its always fun to meet other sci-fi/fantasy writers on here.

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Thanks! I just found and followed you on Twitter. Looking forward to all of this.

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Hello! I’ve been poking around, trying to see who’s still checking the writers’ forums…

My name’s Sophie, though I go by Phi on my Patreon. I’m working on a book series with my writing partner, Rose, who goes by Moma. We have a Facebook and an IG account, but I admittedly stopped updating those awhile ago. I still pop in occasionally, though, to keep followers updated.

Our fiction book series is a mix of genres. It has mystery, mythology, theology, travel, (awkward) romance, supernatural and paranormal elements, and likely more I haven’t thought of. The story revolves around death, how the living remember the dead, and the difficulties of grief, trauma, and letting go. As gloomy as that sounds, it’s also got a lot of hope, because what is death without life, and what is life without hope?

Our writing is also research-heavy, as it features an international cast and takes place in religious festivals all over the world. We have no desire to make stuff up or insult anyone, so we’re using all of our Patreon funds to make sure we do a good job and pay people for their expertise and lived experiences.

Nothing’s been published yet because our goal is to finish the whole story first. We’re not keen on repeating the mistakes of other series (I’m looking at you, GOT/ASOIAF). Still, we’re grateful for the support we’ve been given~

Hopefully this serves as a nice introduction and gives you a good idea of what we’re working on. I hope our little corner of this forum becomes more active soon! Thanks for starting this thread!


Hello all,
I’m Kenneth and I write Prevail. It is role play game content for game masters and other interested players. My content is focused on Mouse Guard RPG, and I am adding content for Torchbearer RPG as much as I can.

My reward tiers include character fiction, but I’m woefully behind on getting that released.

This years’ stretch goals have included several downloadable files for GMs and players to blend new rules of my own devising with the existing rules.

The polling feature has been awesome to gather feedback and make an agenda for publishing content. I see what interests the audience and plan my work for that content. But, it also allows the constraints of my selections being listed, so I know it is content I want to write and have ideas brainstormed.

I would love to expand my character fiction and hire illustrators to collaborate for webcomics. I’ve started with some artists from for a series of character building posts, and I’m hopeful about using that as a stretch goal topic in the future.

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I am Alexander Makarov writer and journalist. I live in Ukraine in the city of Odessa. I am 65 years old. Books are my main income, but now they are almost never published. I worked for many years as a teacher of a charitable foundation. I do home-made things with children - robots, jewelry, toys. That’s why I write books about it. I developed a new needlework program for teaching children. I put the program into practice. Now I want to write a book about this. I want to publish a book about teaching needlework that brings joy to children.

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Hi. My name is Christian. Chris for friends. I’m a Spanish writer, but I translate everything I do to English when I have the time. I write books and short stories.

This is my blog:
Twitter account:

Currently I have two books available in English, “The bag collector” (an urban fantasy comedy) and “Describiendo los colores” (a compilation of all the short stories I wrote last year. This compilation includes these short stories in Spanish, Catalan and English in a single book).

I’m still figuring Patreon out. Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’ve been on patreon for a while, but have yet to build an audience.
My name is Mayara, May for short. I’m from Brazil.

I write mostly fantasy and have a few short stories out in english and portuguese.

My twitter is @MayFPBarros and my site is


I’m Carmen; from South Africa and 31 years of age. I started my Patreon almost three months ago. I recently finished the first draft of a manuscript; which is currently now in its second draft, and off with some beta readers. :innocent:
I want my main genre to be literary fiction, and if things go as planned - I’m hoping to publish my first novel next year. The current manuscript is of the literary chick lit genre.
I’m planning on starting my second writing project soon. For those who would like to follow me on social media, I am most active on Twitter: @Tranquil_Reader

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Hi. I’m a novelist, blogger, arts & culture journalist, and writer of flash fiction, etc…I’ve been writing professionally since 1986 and I was once a member of Seattle’s writing community. I have yet to publish a novel even though I’m on my 7th now. I write memoirs, and fantasy, YA, romantic comedy, and magical realism. My favorite novel is a fantasy novel that involves metaphysics. It is both comic and dystopian based on the Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice. My website is and I include articles also on writing.

My Patreon page for writing is Author Ate Chocolate and it’s brand new.

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I guess I haven’t done this.

Hi. I am an urban fantasy author and dabbler of slam/spoken word poetry. I am in the process of publishing a trilogy through a small press publisher. The first will be out in October, the second in March, 2021. It is centered around a rebellious young bounty hunter whose principle target is human hosts of fugitive souls from Hell. I feel like I am constantly in a state of revising my Patreon, hoping to find that perfect groove that I can’t get enough of.

I am writerdgabrielle across all social platforms, including Patreon (except Twitter where I had to drop a character so I sacrificed an L-- writerdgabriele)

Hey everybody! I’m Steven and I write science fiction and horror and non-fiction on the two genres. I used to write a science fiction column and a social media technology column at before it closed down. I’m looking forward to meeting other creators here. You can find me at my FB page and my blog .