Invalid parameter / OAUTH Error

I have recently become a creator on Patreon. I have produce guided meditations in Swedish and English. I have two websites - one in English and one in Swedish. I started by installing the Patreon plugins on my English site There was no problem getting it installed and connected to my Patreon profile. When I was going to do the same on my Swedish site ( I ran into problems. I have installed and activated the plugin and when I go to connect site it says: {“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”,“id”:“5aa2f02e-bd9b-4d54-bc6e-26ab1f22d617”,“source”:{“parameter”:“oauth_client_id”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”}]}

Does this mean that I cannot have both sites connected to my Patreon?
I found this thread: Invalid parameter / OAUTH Error - Wordpress Plugin - Patreon Developers

Where it says I should delete an API Client. But doesn’t that disconnect my English site?

I tired creating a new client. There is a button for it. But I can’t save the form. The button stays unclickable.

Anyone know how to fix this?