Invoicing Patrons - Is Patreon doing it?


Now and then I’m getting requests from my patrons about an invoice for their monthly pledges. This makes sense as the content I’m creating (teaching materials) is used by them at work. Now, I can’t do it myself because it means I’d pay double tax (first on the money I get from Patreon and second time on the invoice I issue to patrons).

I asked Patreon Customer Support to assist my patrons and issue invoices on the payments they made, but the answer I got is that Patreon is not issuing invoices to Patrons (BTW that wouldn’t be legal in the country I live) and suggested that I use some invoice templates and issue those invoices on behalf of Patreon myself (that sounds fishy as well from the legal point of view).

Have you ever had such requests from your Patrons? How did you deal with them?
Personally, I’d love to see an invoicing feature set up for patrons.


At the end of the month I receive a notice from Patreon outlining how much I’m being charged in my e-mail. It’s not a receipt, but it can be printed out if I have to. Your supports don’t get that?

They do. But that’s not a proper document that you can use for accounting purpose (at least in most of EU countries). You’d need your company details as well as the details of the provider on the document, including their Tax ID (i.e. VAT ID) number.