Is anybody old and/or hopelessly unfashionable?

I’m a retired cartoonist/artist/illustrator from the days when everybody wanted to work for Disney. I still do not understand manga or anime or—or anything that everybody else at Patreon is doing. I am a poor old museum exhibit, in search of a guiding hand.

Barring that guiding hand, a few semi-rich patrons would be nice. My house (and studio) were ruined in a flood (really!) and I have to build them back again. Remarkably enough, this is turning out to be expensive.

Anyway, please drop by my Patreon page and say hello, or whatever suits you. If I’m in the next room taking a nap, just look at the pictures without me.


Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Obsession with modern Japanese drawing styles also leaves me slightly baffled. Your work is very adept and in such a broad range of styles. I like the humorous descriptions (realism and other fantasies!). Good luck with your page!



Many thanks, sir! Enjoying your work as well. Wishing you great success.

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Hi! why are you closing your patreon account?

actually i think the anime style (the basic one thats copied from other studios/makes same face syndrome) particularly from the studio that made sword art online is fading away. anime has influenced many artists but im starting to see alot of unique styles now instead of the plain one from sword art online