Is it ok to have multiple avenues of creativity?

I’m in journalism so I have a patreon to help support me as newspapers are paying less what they used to and I make the case that news is important and that I help contribute color to my communities.

At the same time, I also blog and TV and film and have even started a youtube channel where I talk about film and talk to people about film.

I also started a facebook group connecting arts and entertainment writers and I sometimes ask people to donate for the upkeep of that group and I’ve hosted celebrities in live Zoom Q & As and I ask people to contribute to that.

Is that recommended? I figure you can donate for service A that I do or service B or service C

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Lots of people have a patreon for “all their work” and it’s just fine. Sometimes they will have tiers for different aspects of their work, sometimes it’s just all encompassing. How you work your patreon is up to you so if you want to bring all aspects of your work into it, then do it! Just make sure it’s clear in the about section of your page what you are about, what you do and how the support helps you. :slight_smile:

The only time separating something into it’s own page is really needed (imo) is if those things are different businesses entirely or are items you need to budget for separately. For example, I have my main patreon page that encompasses my artwork/creations, however I also have a separate patreon page for a zine i run because any money that goes to the zine needs to be accounted for separate from my primary as what the zine makes needs to go right back into the zine ONLY and having things within the same patreon page complicates that a LOT.

In the end, how you want to manage it is up to you and sometimes its better to make things separate if all those avenues have their own audiences but there are a lot of patrons that just want to support all that you do in one place so polling your audience might be ideal, to see what they might prefer and then work with that data to make your decision, even if it’s different than what they want.


I would say Temrin nailed my feelings on this. :slight_smile:

The only thing I would add is, my Patreon started on a complete lark for one specific thing (“writing more short stories”) and has grown into something bigger (“writing more, and also running my new small press publishing company”) due to the incredible support I’ve received, so I’ve added some new tiers along the way that apply to the new focus.

For a while, I considered separating out the two “jobs” to separate Patreon accounts, but the business is my own, so I don’t have to worry about “accounting issues,” and my supporters are supportive of both goals… so I’ve stuck with one account.

Your creative outlets all feel “in the same ballpark” to me, so I would think your patrons would be cool with it, whereas if you were doing journalism by day and building a monster truck by night… that might not have the same overlap of support. :wink:

Good luck!


I agree with the points @Temrin made and I’ll add a bit from my own experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a model/self portrait photographer with a focus on lingerie and boudoir nudes. At first I was just posting stuff from photoshoots, either with photographers or self shot stuff with my DSLR. But then I started experimenting with handheld selfies. And then I got REALLY into lingerie. Now I’m a lingerie collector and my Patreon funds that in exchange for detailed photos and show & tell videos. They love helping me choose new sets to order and seeing all of the details.

I also always wanted to be an ASMR creator, but the usual stuff with the fancy microphones and roleplays is way too tedious for me. But I wanted to tie it in, so now I keep my lingerie show and tells soft spoken and that really kind of adds to the sensuality.

Most recently, I started taking up nature photography. I wasn’t sure my Patrons would be into it because it’s not at all tied in with the other things. But I posted a couple times and got really good, higher than usual, engagement (mainly more comments). So I’ve added that in as a bonus. It’s not a tier or a specific reward, but more a free bonus for those who like it.

So I think you can tie things together and people who really want to support you will. Just be upfront and also be mindful of how you’ll manage the different rewards. I think that can be the trickiest part.

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I love everything people have said here and don’t have much to add except that I have had pretty good success with just lumping all of my different things together -> podcast, music, zines, books, videos, theater, etc etc etc. I think it makes it more exciting for people when they sign up and have access to all this bonus stuff in different mediums and it makes it easier on me that it’s all in one place.

I would think also about how hard it would be to promote more than one Patreon . It’s not an easy sell to begin with, so I would worry that my energy would be divided in sending people to two different places.


I think there’s nothing wrong in following more than one creative address… talking about ourselves, it would be quite impossible to focus on only one media, since to make a game or a movie it is at least reccomended to have a story for it: the only “issue” we encountered is that most people seems to not understand the linking between storytelling and moviemaking, and so on…

As for your field, journalism basically covers all things you mentioned: reviews, interviews, reports, conferences…