Is it possible to archive old content in Patreon?

I could have sworn this used to be an option … I am “cleaning up” our Patreon feed and would like to archive some of the posts so they are no longer visible, but not necessarily deleted. Is this possible? Is my only option to delete them entirely? I can’t seem to even revert them back to a draft.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Once you publish a post, is it there forever until you delete it?


Hmm, I’ve been on patreon for ~5 years and I’ve never had the option to archive posts that I remember. Maybe it was something they beta tested on a small group but I’ve only ever had the option to delete after something has been posted.

Would be nice to have though, for sure!


I would totally love a feature like this. Especially for content that’s cringe to look back on XD


Hey @coffeeandcrumbs, welcome the community forum! Love your username :slight_smile:

I double checked and you cannot archive posts or move them to drafts once published. I understand that this is not ideal and certainly matches the desire we hear from creators to be able to have more control with the content they post on Patreon and more options to organize and categorize it. I know this is especially painful for creators who have been on Patreon for a long time, which is the opposite experience we want to give our most loyal community members.

I will absolutely pass this on to the product team as this feedback directly relates to work they are scoping right now to improve this experience for you and your patrons.

Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, and have a great day.


We want to remove or edit some older posts from a few years ago. Is there some way to easily get to older posts? I believe there isn’t a search function, but is there some way to jump to posts from a particular year? We put up our address in at least one post 2 or 3 years ago, and we want to remove that now.


When I look at the posts I’ve made on my page, I see a link at the top that says “Newest to Oldest,” which can be changed to “Oldest to Newest”. Also, I can check my timeline by filtering it for a specific year and month.

Do you have these filters? I thought these options had been made available for everyone.

That is a certain amount of help, thanks. I couldn’t find that but tried looking in a different spot after reading your comment. It still looks like I’ll need to step through the posts one month at a time; I had been hoping there was a way to see them starting with a particular year and go through them that way.

I would love to be able to easily archive old posts. I’ve been on Patreon for years and don’t necessarily want new people to have access to ancient posts.

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this would be great - early this year when I was rearranging my tiers I also did a lot of clean up as well - it would great to have an archive option that could be tied to retired tiers etc.

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Hi there! I would reallly LOVE a way we can archive our content! As a comic creator of a few comics, I have lots of contents on Patreon and new patrons are having trouble accessing contents. I know with the desktop/browser, we have the tagging system which works fine when you’re on your computer, but most audience nowadays are on their phones so they mostly use the app. Is there a way we can also have the tags system working on the app itself?

I really hope we can have a way to archive, categorize and sort contents for both the desktop and app! That would be fantastic!!

Thank you so much for listening!


Hi all, I’m new here, and yes, I wished there was an archive button;-) but I am pretty sure, if you upload your video with You tube and change the “UNLISTED” to “PRIVATE” in You tube studio, your patrons cannot read it…unless it was a coincident when I did it…

Hey @Cathrine_Edlinger-Kunze, welcome to the forum! We’re so glad you’re here. :hugs:

A private video on youtube is not viewable, but an unlisted video can be viewed by anyone with access to the link! Which is something a lot of creators utilize for patron-only content.

Hi. New to Patreon (and my first time on any forum of any description…). I was wondering if there was any development on the archive idea. I’ve added an ‘archive of my blog posts’ as one of the benefits on a specific tier (should have done my research beforehand, perhaps.) Is there any way I can fulfil this? Or should I change the benefit?
Greatly appreciate any pointers.
Thanks very much