Is it possible to connect two seperate patreon creators to one discourse forum?

title says it all. my girlfriend has a patreon creator page with around 150 patrons. I have a page w/ 1,100. she hit a growth plateau and is slowly losing patrons, but if I could give her active patrons access to my discourse forum it might help her retain some of her patrons.

is this possible?

thanks all!


This technical side of this question is probably better asked on - the answer is currently no, but it could theoretically be added with enough engineering effort.

The community building side of the question, though, is completely appropriate to discuss here, and I must admit I have some doubts about this strategy :frowning:

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@Riking is correct, with the Discourse Patreon plugin it is not possible to connect tiers from separate Patreon accounts to a single Discourse site. The way the plugin works is that it pulls all the tiers from a Patreon account to a Discourse site and allows each tier to be associated with a Discourse group. All members of a Patreon tier who have accounts on the Discourse site will be automatically added to its related Discourse group.

The plugin also provides the ability to login to Discourse via Patreon. Logging into Discourse via Patreon does not require that the user is a supporter of the Patreon account that is associated with the Discourse site. All that is required to login via Patreon is a Patreon account. This means that you could enable the patreon login enabled Discourse site setting if you haven’t already done so. Your girlfriend’s patrons could then get access to your site by logging in via Patreon. With logging in via Patreon enabled, you could both provide links to the two Discourse sites on each other’s Patreon pages and promote each other in this way.

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@iamthesam I just wanted to chime in and say we’d love to give your girlfriend a free creator success consult where someone from Patreon can go through her page and patron data to provide some pointers that might help.

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