Is it possible to download all historical posts?

Is it possible to download all historical posts into one file?

If not, I think it would be a great resource!


I would’ve loved to have had this recently. I went though a lot of older posts and manually saved them myself one by one to back them up. It was a huge pain. Would love some kind of creator only download all/bulk function. :slight_smile:


Agreed! This would be hugely helpful for those of us who are paranoid about losing data but also forget to save stuff into our own files as we post it and realized recently we hadn’t save A LOT of our posts to our own files… Not naming any names… :upside_down_face:


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Oh gosh yes please. Archiving/backing up all my posts is a pain in the tail. PLEASE give us some way to bulk download things.

While we’re at it, bulk-delete features would be hugely helpful too.


That’s a great idea! I’ve been negligent about saving most of my posts and was wondering this myself!

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fascinating suggestion. Ill look into it but in the meantime come check out my page.