Is it possible to (lower) payment amount of a reward?

We are currently charging $20 for a product, but was wondering if it was possible to lower the amount. I know that its not possible to raise the amount, (obviously) but I was wondering if it could possibly be manually lowered.


If you edit your tiers (Go to your patreon page and click the edit button on the bar at the top), you can alter the tier cost, up or down, at your leisure. If you increase the cost and you already have pledges on it, they will remain at their current pledge amount and will not be increased when you change the tier.

This can be good if you want to keep people “grandfathered” into the old amount and new people will be charged more.

If you want to decrease the pledge amount, you can do so in the same place. Again though, the current pledgers will not have their pledges altered. You will have to inform them of the change and that they can re-pledge at a decreased rate. (Just keep in mind that some people aren’t great at checking for updates and sometimes it may take a few tries for everyone to change their pledges accordingly.)

Ah, but it looks like it cannot be edited.

That is very odd. Must be part of the new layout they’ve gone with for editing now. Not sure how i feel about this.

@ellie - Can you shed some light on this? This was once editable even with patrons on the tier and if it for sure isn’t anymore, why? It was nice to be able to at least update a tier to be a lower amount. Seems a bit backwards that it’s now locked since i know many, including myself who have changed their pledge amounts up (for previous reasons stated in this thread, grandfathering older pledgers but new pledgers have a new price) or down to decrease amount people have to pay. Is the only alternative to create a new tier with the new price and unpublish the old ones? Are you guys going to implement some kind of grandfathering system?

Would be great to have an answer here.

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The best starting place is this article:

The question about updating a tier to a lower amount - as you can see from this answer, you’d have to create the new tier and then migrate folks to that amount. If you have more direct questions on this, please do reach out to Community Happiness, who can work with you on a 1:1 basis.

(A note, not sure how many people it is affecting but you cannot unpublish any tiers at this time. I sent in a help request yesterday about it but since you seem to be active here and talking about a related topic, i figure i’d mention.)