Is Patreon cropping images now?

I just posted today’s comic page to my Patreon, and I found that, on the post page and in the email notification, the image is cropped to about 1/3 of its overall height and has to be clicked if you want to see the whole thing. Is this a glitch or an intentional change? Anyone who’s clicking on my actual post is doing it with the express purpose of reading the full comic page, and presumably the same is true for anyone else posting images of any kind. Why crop it? I’ve used header images for plenty of past pages too, and none of them were sized in preparation for this crop.

I’ve been away, so it’s possible I missed an announcement on this. (though I did do a search.) If this was intentional, I’d ask you guys to please revert it to how it was previously. It makes no sense to crop an image on the post page meant to showcase that image.


Same here @bob_artist - this morning each upload without any problem and now every photo is cropped on top and bottom to about 1/3 …

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Hi folks, this kind of issue is best reported to our support team as they will need to gather additional info from you. Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible (is this in email or in post view, desktop vs mobile, what’s changed, what you expected to happen, what did happen etc). Thank you!

Edit: We have confirmed this is a bug! thank you for writing in with more info @bob :slight_smile:

Update 2: This has now been resolved! thank you for your help solving this