Is Premium Tier worth it?

I’m thinking of upgrading my Patreon to the premium tier. You get access to representative(s) who help you grow your Patreon, among other benefits.

Has anyone with premium found the extra guidance has helped them grow their revenues? What’s the service experience been like?


Hi Johnn - I lead the Creator Success team that works with creators on the Premium plan.

The Premium plan has a very limited number of openings at this time. We’ll be rolling it out gradually as spots become available, and will prioritize creators that will benefit the most from the features and services. Here is the type of creator who will get the most out of Premium:

  • Full time creator, earning $5,000 or more a month on Patreon
  • Has an engaged audience of at least 100K followers on a social platform or content hub
  • Has team members that help manage your Patreon page

A lot of the programs that Creator Success runs for creators are available to all active creators, like the forum here, our Discord server, and our workshops for launched and prospective creators:

Additionally, for creators that are specifically interested in Patreon’s Merch for Membership, that is now available as a standalone paid service, not only for creators on the Premium plan.

Hopefully some of the offerings we have for creators are a good fit for you membership!