Is the color scheme changing?

Hi Patreon team.

I’ve noticed an increasing use of a lovely bright blue in Patreon presentations and other material and interface since the Memberful buyout. Is there a plan to shift the colour scheme of Patreon from red to blue?

In the absence of CSS or any other control over design, colour and layout, it’s good to know where things are headed, so we can design and work towards that.

Hey! Thanks for the question :slight_smile: You can see all the info about our brand here, which we did recently update about a month ago. Do you have any specific areas or colors you’ve seen or are concerned about on your page?

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Thanks Mindy. I have the brand pack already.

I’d prefer the page layout to be more neutral (or best still, minimal, like, who’ve given me a couple of invites now). I quite like the blue I’ve been seeing appear recently in various places on Patreon, but with the red, I find it a bit full on, especially where the blue is showing up. I’ve seen it more in the creator community and Patreon U, but wondering if it will roll across.

I work with quite subtle words and images, being a Zen poet and contemplative writer, so it looks a bit on the funky side for my work right now.

For example, how Bandcamp approach it, there’s some freedom in that. Like, they have a very clean look. But best of all would be a super clean minimal layout. That way, we creators could put the funk into it ourselves, or the subtlety etc.

Yet still, my support is growing, I’d just really love more design control of my page. I believe it would make a difference.

The other thing I would really love to see, is better link colours on the about page. Blue for unvisited and purple for visited is as old as the “world wide web” (I built my first website in 1996).

Please, could we have styled links.

Even for the editor and the output to be the same on the about page, reward tiers, goals, posts and comments to be the same across the board?