Is there a reason I can't log out of this community?

I was allowed to log in to the Patreon Community normally (I use two-factor), but now the icon that allows me to pull up the option to log out is gone. This is the second day in a row this has happened and I’m not in the habit of staying logged in when I’m not actually on a forum.

What’s going on here? Why can’t I log out normally?

I’m not sure why you’re experiencing an issue logging out, this may be something to go to Discourse support with.

You should be able to log out by clicking your avatar in the top right and select the person icon, and select log-out:

As an admin, I can log you out of your account - would you like me to do that?

You may also wish to delete your browser cache, and hard restart the browser.


I know what avatar you mean, but for the last two days it has been gone, as shown in this picture.

I cleared my history and that seemed to work, but that is going to be a pain if I have to close and save all other open tabs when I didn’t have to do that before.

Thanks for the solution, I’ll take it up with Discourse’s staff and see what they can tell me.

What happens when you hit the X on those two banners at the top? I’m wondering if that may be affecting the window.

It did nothing except close them. I’m in touch with help from Discourse, and they explained what to do so I’m able to get the picture again (and the drop down menu beneath it).


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Whew, glad to hear they helped fix it, thank you for the update!