Is there a setting for a ''patron'' to be charge as soon as the pledge?

Hello Everyone!

I starded my Patreon page less then a month ago and I love it so far.
I make ‘‘french cake tutorial’’ and I post cake class every month on patreon for people to ‘‘pledge’’ to see the content etc. I post 2 class that are ‘‘paid tutorial’’ and free tutorial as well. My fist class is the 1th of the month and my second is 2 weeks later.
My question is, can I make my patron pay as soon as the pledge? You see, since I choose the monthly payment, when someone ‘‘pledges’’ the 15th of the month, that person technally have acces to my ‘‘paid’’ content without even paying yet…So is there a way to charge them the 15th of each month? Every month? I woudn’t want then to pay the 15th and then the 1th of each month again…I don’t know if that makes any sence.

I hope you guys can help me, and I hope you understand hahaha

Thank in advance.

Here’s the Help Desk article on how to turn on the charge up front option:

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